Your Words Matter – How to Navigate the Sales Conversation

The other day I was on Zoom with a client and we were talking through the “sales conversation”. What wording she would use on calls with people who wanted to find out more about her services. What questions to ask them on the call and what she would want to gather ahead of time on an online sign up form that she would automate through her website…

Some of the things that we talked through and ideas generated would have NEVER occurred to her on her own. She left that call feeling more energized to go networking and talking with people about what she did because she knew what then to say with them when she got them to take the next step with her, something she wasn’t asking them to do until now because she didn’t know “what to say”.

IT’S THE WORDS that often stump us, squash our confidence and our motivation.

IT’S THE WORDS that allow perfect clients to walk away without being served by us.

IT’S THE WORDS that we have to learn so that we can be effective and successful in business.

If you don’t know them, they aren’t just going to come to you. You must learn them. You have to brainstorm them with people, many people sometimes to see what works and what doesn’t, then keep tweaking them until you see bigger positive results.

I LOVE helping people find YOUR RIGHT WORDS, those that feel like you (not me), that resonate with you and your ideal clients.

This is one of my ZONES OF GENIUS. How can I help you?

Honestly, this is probably the hugest topic that comes up on my coaching calls is how to navigate that sales conversation. I would say 95% of the Entrepreneurs I talk with have no clue how to take people through that type of call or conversation properly so it’s not salesy, so it also serves the other party AND it converts. By no fault of their own, they either came from a corporate environment or maybe were stay at home moms prior to starting their own business. Even some experienced sales people or marketing types who had jobs before and then now are starting their own business, have to learn to words to use. They have to learn new ways to hold sales conversations and new words to use because selling YOURSELF is a whole new ballgame!!

Fears crop up. Doubts surface. If you work from home it can even be worse because your only lifeline is your mind and sometimes that is very negative… I call it “headtrash”. Don’t listen to yourself if you are ever negative. You are worth way more than you think you are. Which is another thing that comes up too when we’re talking about sales conversations… and that’s WHAT TO SELL & FOR HOW MUCH!? Most Entrepreneurs, especially newer ones, under charge for their services; often times thinking “I’m new, I can’t charge more” when that’s just a big ol’ lie that your crappy mind tells you is all.

Don’t let the lack of sales experience, confidence around your worth and any crappy headtrash slow you down from making the bigger impact you’re meant to make on this world (and your family along with that). Get support.


I’d love to invite you to consider attending my next Love & Money LIVE! event happening April 20-22, 2020, in Sacramento California. It’s three days of really mastering all of this and more.

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Many people come back to my events over and over and over again because they always are at a new place in their life and their business and are ready for the next steps, and that’s exactly what they get.

You can read more about it on this page, watch the video to see a little bit about what you’ll learn and experience. Plus, during the event attendees get to share what they do, they get to make easy yes offers to other attendees, and the majority of people walk out with more money in their pocket than when they arrived.

You’ll be amazed how different this event is from other business, marketing, or inspirational events are. It’s worth thousands of dollars to transform your business the way that we show you how but luckily that’s not what you have to pay!

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So, you can bring a friend, you can bring your significant other which is a really good idea to do frankly, or you can even bring an assistant who can help you get the details organized of the moneymaking activities that you will want to add when you get home.

To get your FREE GUEST TICKET YOU MUST REGISTER by the last day of Janaury though… no exceptions. There’s a 3 month payment plan if you need it also by the way so I’m making this super easy for you. When you register I’ll contact you for your guest’s info or you can decide who that will be later even, just get yourself signed up now!

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Here’s to creating and enjoying the business and life of your dreams!

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