Who Dictates Your Price Tag?

How are you pricing yourself? Is it you who assigns the dollar signs or do you let your fears of the economy or what you “think” people will pay determine what you decide to charge for your time?

Think about this for a minute….
And WHY have you priced yourself (or your products and services) the way you have?
Or are you in a business (like a network marketing company) where you have NO IDEA what you’re really making per hour? You just know you need to work HARDER to make more?
Want to figure out what you’re actually making per hour? Is it above minimum wage? I can’t tell you how many people I talk with who when we break it down in hours, time, numbers and figures they’re actually making less than someone in a fast food restaurant.
Regardless of what you’re doing or what business you’re in I can almost 99% guarantee that you’re NOT CHARGING ENOUGH!
How can I say that? Because I’ve seen it hundreds of times with hundreds of other entrepreneurs in all kinds of industries and types of businesses and frankly it’s a shame.
The media has scared us into thinking no one is going to buy from us right now (in this economy) or that people aren’t spending what they used to. And what does that do to our pricing strategies then or our self confidence about asking for the sale?
What if I told you there are PLENTY OF PEOPLE who will pay you what you’re (really) worth but you may not even be talking to them right now? You may not have any idea where these people are because you’re so used to doing business a certain way to a certain group of people?
Well, do you want to keep on struggling, doing things the same way and getting the same or worse results?

Or are you ready to learn some new strategies, open your mind to new ideas and develop an entirely NEW BUSINESS PLAN for yourself? One that includes:
• Charging what you’re worth and getting it
• Serving from your bigger purpose
• Providing services, products and offerings that you’re passionate about
• Enjoying a more freedom-based lifestyle
• Stepping into your greater, authentic self so you can be all you are meant to be

• Less worry, doubt and fear and MORE confidence, self worth and drive

If you’re ready to stop living in fear of lack, uncertainty or unknowingness then take action today and RAISE YOUR RATES! And don’t just raise them a couple dollars; raise them to what you want to be paid.
If you’re confident about your new fees and show it, you’ll start attracting those who believe in you, trust you and who will pay. If you’re NOT confident though, of course they will not….so DECIDE to be confident too!
I would like to invite you to The Love and Money Business Summit where you can CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

You’ll learn and walk away with:

• rate strategies to charge what you’re worth and get it
• where to find customers who will pay what you deserve and what attracts them
• a realization that there’s a different way of doing business than you’ve been taught

• new residual business models and ideas that can easily and quickly be added to what you’re already doing

• the courage and confidence to step up and into your higher purpose

• affordable outsourcing and team building strategies so you can grow your business faster
• PLUS your own Love and Money Business Blueprint, Binder & Vision Board and more!

Learn more about this totally unique opportunity and event where you’ll work intimately with Katrina Sawa on what matters most for YOUR business, not just a cookie cutter plan that’s one size fits all. Go to http://www.theloveandmoneysummit.com/ now, limited seating and bonuses; register soon before they’re gone!

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