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** Note: I’m sharing this article from one of my clients, Alicia White  –  Branding Strategist, Speaker and Consultant who works with business owners, coaches, speakers and entrepreneurs to develop unique branding and professional marketing materials.

Many times public speakers are asked to not sell from the stage. Even soft sells are prohibited. Often times, professional speakers will accept these terms, especially if the audience is his or her target client.

Should you decide to speak knowing you can’t sell from the stage, here are seven ways to maximize your time and gain marketing opportunities.

1. Encourage photo opportunities before and after you speak and ask the individuals to tag you. If you have a hashtag, make sure they use it when tagging you. This is great for social media marketing.

2. During your presentation, ask the attendees to tweet and post something you have said: a fact or important point. Repeat the hashtag. (Note: I’ve seen great professional speakers go over board on this and I lose a little respect each time they do it. Limit it to only a couple of times during your presentation.)

3. Request that you get a copy of the video or audio recording. You can always use this in your marketing or create a sizzle/demo reel.

4. Ask the event planner to connect you with key individuals who are a good fit for your services.

5. Ask the organizer if you can set up a table at the back of the room. If he says yes, have your lead generation process in place. If it’s not allowed, ask if you can place materials on the seats.

6. Get a testimonial from the event planner and/or the organization’s president/CEO. Liberally use in all of your marketing and on your speaker sheet and website.

7. If someone asks about your services, have your appointment book ready to go to offer that free consultation. Better yet, create an order form with that free consultation and keep it with you at all times!

These are just a few tips in getting the best out of no selling from the stage.

Cheers to YOUR Speaking Success!

Alicia White

Sell from Stage

About the Author

International best-selling author, award-winning speaker and consultant, Alicia White works with business owners, coaches, speakers and entrepreneurs to develop unique branding and professional marketing materials. As the founder of and Back of the Room Productions™, she teaches must-have strategies to give clarity and direction, and helps elevate her clients’ expertise through consistent branding and public speaking to achieve business growth.

Alicia has been recognized as one of the “Women You Need to Know” by The Women’s Speakers Association, and currently serves as a partnering director for the Public Speakers Association. With international appeal, Alicia often appears on podcasts and Internet radio and TV shows around the world. Alicia’s book, The Successful Speaker’s Handbook: Tools, Ideas and Strategies to Elevate Your Expertise as a Speaker, is endorsed by Tom Ziglar (son of Zig Ziglar), of Ziglar, Inc., and is available on Amazon.

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