What is your time worth?

What is your time worth?

Are you an expert in marketing or are you an expert in your business?

Leave the marketing up to professionals who have the resources and experience to efficiently evaluate your situation and make educated recommendations.

  • In your JumpStart Your Marketing 1-On-1 Planning Meeting Katrina will consult and advise you on developing any of the following marketing tasks effectively and with greater ease and in less time than you can most likely do them yourself. She will help you determine which of these or other objectives would be productive for you to implement in your business.
  • We specialize in working with the Solopreneur (individual consultant, coach or entrepreneur) as well as Independent Sales Associates who are responsible for marketing themselves.
  • We work fast and furiously to capture the most important marketing tasks and strategies into an Action Plan that you can implement NOW (with our help if need be).

Let’s get moving and get an action plan together for you so you can take your business to the next level!! Go to http://www.1on1planningmeeting.com/ now!!

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