Speaker Media Kit vs a Speaker Sheet

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There is a big difference between speaker sheets and speaker media kits. While both contain valuable information about the public speaker, they vastly differ in purpose.

A Speaker Sheet or Speaker One Sheet delivers information about a person’s speaking abilities and the value delivered to the audience in an effort to get booked for speaking engagements.

Meeting planners and event organizers use them to determine who will speak at their events. Speaker bureaus and agencies use speaker sheets to promote clients.

The amount of information on a speaker sheet varies from speaker to speaker. Here are the essential components:

  • Biography
  • Topic Titles and Description
  • Testimonials
  • Contact Information
  • Headshot

A digital speaker sheet file (such as a PDF) is absolutely necessary. It can be sent through email or uploaded onto a website for immediate download. A printed speaker sheet is very useful and is typically one or two pages. There are pros and cons to both formats.

A Speaker Media Kit or Speaker Press Kit delivers information about a person’s message or story in an effort to get publicity via TV, radio, newspaper, magazines, etc.

Media outlets, news desk managers, journalists, and publicists look for interesting stories to feature all of the time.

Unlike the speaker sheet, the information is geared to gaining publicity and have these components:

  • Introduction
  • Biography
  • Contact Information
  • Books/Articles Published
  • Suggested Questions for Interviewing
  • Past Publicity
  • Pictures
  • Speaker Sheet

A digital speaker media kit is a must have, especially if video and audio are available. It can be several pages saved as a PDF file and sent through email or uploaded onto a website for immediate download. For media campaigns, a media kit can be printed and presented as a collated stack of papers, a large three-panel brochure, or tiered multiple pages arranged in a custom-made folder.

To summarize: a Speaker Sheet is perfect for getting speaking engagements while a Speaker Media Kit is ideal for gaining publicity. Having a digital file is a necessity. For best results, professional printing should be considered.

Now you can determine which tool best suits your needs!

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Recognized as a valuable resource in the speaking industry, Alicia White is the go to professional for the speaker who is ready to take her message to the stage. Alicia founded Back of the Room Productions and SpeakerSheets.com to give clients professional graphic design, powerful marketing tools, and consultation on business and speaking. Her clients rave about how she consistently delivers brilliantly branded products and action-focused strategy.

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