What Does a Vending Machine Have to Do with Your Marketing Message?


Are you able to change up your message like you can click a button on a vending machine and get a different snack?

I used this analogy today with a client. She felt confused and unclear about her message, what she was saying to people she met out at networking events and the overall message too about what she speaks about (she’s a speaker).
I personally, change up my message all the time, depending on who I’m speaking to, whether it’s one person or a group, whether it’s a 30 second commercial or a speaking gig.
The message I may have speaking to a group of mom entrepreneurs will definitely be different than the message I would have with a group of authors or writers as would it also be different with a group of professionals that have a JOB who are looking to start their own business.
All three different groups of people (or individuals with the same scenario frankly) will have different interests, problems, questions and solutions that they are looking for and it might actually be more like a dozen or more different types of groups or people/industries of business owners that I speak to on any given month. I don’t niche the “type” of client that I work with, I niche the “scenario” they are in with their business.
I’ll bet you run into the same thing, right? Not that you don’t want to niche what you do but you can serve more than one type of customer I’m sure.
Think about your messages then being like snacks that you’d get from a vending machine. When in front of one group, you press the button for Doritos and the Doritos fall out, when in front of a different group, you want the Oreos so you click for Oreos.
If you aren’t there yet, with the ability to be able to alter or tweak your “message” on a dime/whim then you will be. It’s something to start keeping on top of mind to practice because it’s helpful to be able to pull out one “script” so to speak for one situation and a different script for another situation.
It’s important to be able to switch your message to speak directly to the hot buttons of that specific person or group.
As someone who’s been in business for almost 17 years now, I’m really good at knowing EXACTLY what to say and when to say it to whom. I punch those darn vending machines buttons all day every day spitting out different “scripts” or messages/information to different people all the time and I’m pretty comfortable doing it. It wasn’t always this easy though. It took a lot of time and practice and tweaking my message frankly.
It also took patience and understanding of MYSELF that it was ok to do this. Sometimes people pressure you into having just ONE message and I say no. The more you can “segment” your messages to certain groups, the more response and engagement you’ll have.
Be open to the evolution of you, your business, your message, your offerings, your target audience, your vision, your goals and just be open. You’re on a journey and it will never be perfect and you will never be done. Just accept that and keep moving! You’ve got this!!

Together we can accomplish it all, alone you will see challenges and perhaps not know how to overcome them. It’s time to step into your bigger, badder self and take charge of your business, your life, your income and your legacy. Let’s do this together, shall we?

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