Free Webinar: “Jumpstart Your Events – In Person or Virtual – How to Build Your Community, Grow Your Influence and Rock Your Profits!”

What I recommend doing now for business models and marketing strategies for entrepreneurs & other small businesses is NOT what I recommended 3-4 months ago!

There are a LOT of bright shiny objects out there and too many of us get “DISTRACTED” or “overwhelmed” with those and then don’t meet our money goals. I hate to see that and am trying to prevent that!

ONE THING that I know to be true for pretty much all of us is we have to MASTER Zoom and other online platforms for our calls, webinars, live events, trainings, group calls and more. THIS is what I will be teaching on during this webinar. There are various ways to present your material, speak, network, run meetings, etc. online these days and so many entrepreneurs and speakers are NOT monetizing the way they’re doing it… this is what I want to teach you. I’m monetizing it all, in a lot of different ways, it’s easy for anyone!

This webinar has been recorded and you can access it immediately when you register here today.

What will you get when you attend this presentation?
Obviously in an hour I can’t share all of this with you in depth but I basically give you the LIST of things you need to consider and have a plan around when doing events – large or small, in person or virtual, short or extended day, etc. I give you an overview of all of this and a much better understanding it all so you can decide if or how this strategy will work for YOU in YOUR business!
  • Which types of events you want to hold and why
  • How to master the behind the scenes of the event so you’re super organized and efficient
  • How to master selling at the event without being salesy
  • How to monetize in the back end of any type of event – online or in person, 1 hour or 3 day
  • What to do to get butts in seats, the marketing strategy
  • Developing a realistic timeline plus what to do before, during AND after the event
  • How to engage your audience or participants – online or in person – there are things that are working and many that are NOT
  • How to create and come up with fun, interactive exercises, experiences, breakouts and bonding so your participants fully engage, play full out and have a much better time
  • What materials you need from printed, to online, pages and links so you’re prepared for ANYTHING to happen, expected or unexpected
  • Who to hire and what you’ll need support with to have more of a smooth-running, less stress experience as the host
  • How to design your presentation – to Powerpoint or not? Using props and more
  • Technology needs – basic to keep the costs down plus advanced for more functionality
  • How to run groups, shares, introductions with attendees and make it really “worth while” for attendees – remember, WIIFM!
  • And probably a host of other things that will come up in the live call that I will answer on the spot as time allows

“Katrina’s events drive you to action! Attendees learn tons of strategies that are instantly implementable. Kat truly cares about the success and growth of those in her community. You MUST ATTEND one of her Live Big Events!” – Alicia White, CEO Back of the Room Productions

Here are a few videos from clients about their experience working with me in one way or another

My business has grown 30% each year working with Katrina! She always zeros in on EXACTLY what I need to do to grow my business.” ~ Grace Bermudes, Professional Organizer & Home Concierge

“I’ve been to Kat’s events twice because it’s one of the most information-filled events I have ever gone to! Not only do I learn a ton of marketing stuff but she opened my eyes to things I hadn’t even considered previously. Extraordinary experience, extraordinary value. Katrina is chock full of all the important things you need to know about marketing your business. And when she gets on a roll, wow! I always have a blast and have met some of the most wonderful people too. It’s great to share what’s going on in your business with others who get it.” ~ Charr Crail, Artist, Photographer, Teacher

Katrina is a wealth of information and strategy. She helped me to realize my value and charge more plus she kept me focused on areas that aligned with my mission and would generate more revenue.” ~ Laurie Ratto, Aromatherapist and Healer