Hi, Katrina again,

I figured since I’m on here, I’d better keep writing…it’s hard to keep this blog thing up to date! πŸ™‚

So, if you’re on my ezine list, you’ve seen my emails about getting yourself published this year. If you’re not getting my ezine – YOU’RE MISSING OUT – SIGN UP RIGHT AWAY AT www.JumpstartYourMarketing.com!

I always knew I’d be an author some day….but who knew when “some day” would be right? Does this sound like you?

I wasn’t sure what I’d write about but I knew it would be good.

Well, then I met my friend Christine Kloser who owns a publishing company called Love Your Life Publishing. Christine is a Conscious Business Coach as well and when I met her frankly I thought she was a bit too ‘spiritual’ for me so we didn’t connect that well at first.

But, after being in my mastermind group with her for almost a year now, Christine and I have become a lot closer and I really got to know more about what she is all about and I love it! In fact, I’ve even gotten a lot more ‘spiritual’ in the process….AND I’ve seen the ‘practical’ side of Christine.

When Christine approached me to write a chapter for a book she was putting together called Inspiration to Realization back in April of 06 (or somewhere around then), I thought she was nuts, there’s no way I can become an author…..YET? Besides, it cost a pretty big chunk of change for me at the time. So, I didn’t do it.

But then our friend Ali Brown decided to put together a book similar to Inspiration to Realization with Christine, where 40 entrepreneurs share their journey in life and business; it is called Power and Soul. After thinking this over for a couple weeks, figuring out where I would get the money from to do this, I realized this too was another NO BRAINER!

This is the perfect opportunity for me to become that author I want to become and to do it now, within a year! WOW – I’d better jump on this one and so I did, I wrote my chapter, and the Power and Soul book will be out later this spring.

I’m talking about all of this because now the no brainer is that of course I needed to bring it to my contacts to give them/you the opportunity to become a published book author. Yes, it costs money, but only to buy your books at wholesale, you pay nothing else. You can even sell your books if you want and make your money back and then some.

But what I suggest you do with them is USE your books as promotional items, lead generators and in media kits to get you huge exposure, added credibility and more business this year!

It’s not hard, in fact it’s easy – anyone I know can do this IF you see the value and IF you take action now….otherwise this might just be another MISSED OPPORTUNITY you’ll regret.

Find out more about the book I’m compiling with Christine set to come out later in 2007!
Go to www.loveyourlife.com/katrina today!

Katrina Out —

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