Want a 6 Figure Business?

Let me tell you… you CAN have a very successful business and make as much money as you want but there are two reasons why you may not have gotten there yet:


  •  More than likely you’ve never really learned how to start, run or market a successful business. (I’ll explain more below)
  • You may have a limiting belief often buried deep inside that says ‘you’re not worth it’, ‘you don’t deserve it’ or ‘who do you think you are to do that/charge that’? That lack of confidence and belief in yourself is much more common that you may think; at least 85% of the small business owners I talk to have some level of this going on in their head.

Even if you think neither one is true for you right now, read on and I’ll share all about what I’m talking about here and how it does relate to where you are in your business.I’ll share what you can do to fix and grow your business while enjoying more free time, family and love in your life!! I promise….If you want to build a 6 or 7 figure business – now is the time to do that. If you want to work less and make more doing what you absolutely love to do – now is the time to do that.

  •  Quit letting the fear, worry and doubt creep into your thoughts or daily life.
  • Quit thinking, saying and writing those negative thoughts that keep your mind on what you don’t have instead of what you want.
  • Quit watching the news for goodness sakes….Because your results are directly affected by what you think about most often so you must be careful!
  • Quit hanging around toxic people and even family members if you have to (you know the ones I mean

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Katrina Sawa, The JumpStart Your Biz Coach
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