April 25-29 – The Virtual Women’s Economic Summit – I am the Keynote Speaker! I feel honored to be a part of this awesome lineup of experts on giving Your Business a Kick in the AssetsAnd, the best part…  no cost to attend! You really owe it to yourself to register for it.

Ever hear a speaker that seemed to be talking directly to you? It was as if they knew the issues you’d been struggling with, the areas you’d let slip, where you could kick it up a notch – because they’d been where you are. Just imagine getting this same feeling from not one speaker, but from twelve amazing women entrepreneurs!

I’ll be part of this amazing lineup of speakers in the Virtual Women’s Economic Summit where we give you ways to give your business a Kick in the Assets.
It’s a virtual event, conducted over the web (no makeup, no shoes required), and…, no cost to attend!
You really owe it to yourself to check it out.
Although the content is directed to Businesswomen, men can absolutely benefit from the strategies that will be shared.

If you have all the business you want, no need for you to read any further.  If you want loads of innovative ideas and strategies for generating new business and getting a Kick in the Assets!-please check out this telesummit:

Virtual Women’s Economic Summit

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