Today’s video talks a little more about how life often throws all kinds of curve-balls at you and you have to figure out how to bob and duck so you don’t get hit too hard.

I know it’s not easy navigating the world of having your own business and I know it’s not easy when roadblocks stand in your way too. What do you do, right?

What comes first? The personal issue? The family member? or the Sales and Marketing? Sometimes, NONE of it does…because burnout hits.

Why am I talking about this now?

Well….I’m not burned out, I LOVE what I do, it’s not that. And I do have certain practices that I do each day to protect myself from this happening, I explain it on the video.

But I am a bit overwhelmed with life too right now as you can imagine with a loved one going through surgeries to rid him of cancer. And at age 45 too.

You just never know! You never know when something could happen or if it could and to whom? You? Someone you love? Someone you live with or someone far away that you have to travel to take care of or see? Gosh….you just NEVER KNOW what if?

That’s why I did  the video I did today, take a watch and:

  • See what kind of changes YOU could make right now.
  • Discover what things you could easily stop and plan for right now….just in case.

Seriously, are you going to wait to do this?


So, I’m doing a series of videos around what’s real for me, my passions and how it relates to what YOU’RE doing in your business. If you missed any of them go back to previous ezines and video emails from May and end of April to catch up, they’re pretty vital to your success I believe.

For those of you who understand now and want more of all of this “working on YOU and YOUR business” stuff, what’s really important….I have a HUGE SPECIAL OFFER for you!  I’ve opened up 10 spots for 10 people who know you need systems to do a 1on1 60 min planning and implementation call with me. I’m going to record it too so you can listen back anytime and get it all done! Plus I’ll even offer a couple check in emails with you too afterwards so we make SURE you get it done!

I don’t do this type of offer very often so you may want to jump on it if this is something you know you need. Click here to sign up right now (there’s no fancy webpage, it’s just sign up and go!) and then I’ll be in touch to schedule our phone session and tell you how to prepare. This will be such a valuable session, you can’t even imagine until you do it. I can’t wait to get my hands on YOUR business!

I’d love to hear your feedback and take aways from the video!

Katrina Sawa

The JumpStart Your Biz Coach, Speaker &

Author of the book, Love Yourself Successful


“Kicking YOU and YOUR Business Into High Gear to Create Your Happiest Life Ever Full of lots of LOVE & MONEY!”

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About Katrina Sawa

Katrina Sawa is known as The JumpStart Your Biz Coach because she literally kicks her clients and their businesses into high gear. She works with highly motivated women entrepreneurs (and a few men!) who want to maximize and fast-track their business to make more money and enjoy more free time. Katrina uses online and offline Relationship Marketing Systems & Strategies to leverage your resources, contacts and your expertise; plus she kicks you in the butt to implement it all too! She does a whole lot more than just marketing coaching these days however, she looks at your entire business from the big picture all the way down to the nitty gritty detail of what you need to do and say to start up, grow and market your business.

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