Today’s Tip – Key Things You Should be Doing When you are Networking!

Last week I explained why you should be networking more, what you need to be doing when you network and why it’s important to go to several events.  Today I’m going to talk about some key things you should be doing.  These are things I teach to my clients and with those who are in my Live Big Mastermind Group.

For those of you who have a hard time remembering all of the things you should be talking about when you meet someone at a networking event, here are some great tips.

screenshot video tip 03.24.16Create a Cheat Sheet. Write a list of all of the key things you need to remember to talk about while you are networking.  Read it before you go into the event.  Or if everyone is going around the room or table making introductions, just hold your cheat sheet while giving yours.  There’s nothing wrong with that.  I always have a list of the top three things I want to talk about when I go to a networking event because my topics are always changing.  For example, I might want to talk about a live event or a teleconference I’m participating in.  I might be promoting a free coaching call with me or I want to get speaking gigs and referrals.  Your cheat sheet or list will keep you on track.  Don’t just talk about what you DO, remember to ASK for what you NEED!  

Get the Follow UP Call or Meeting Scheduled.  If you never get to the follow up call, you are probably not going to be doing business with the people you’ve just met at networking events.  So try to schedule those “get to know you” calls while you are at the networking event.  This is how you’re going to learn more about how you can help each other.  Some of these calls will turn into prospects but you want to look at people as a referral source first.  Don’t come across as desperate and too salesy!

Work the Room.  You have to work the room.  Don’t talk to any one person too long. Try to learn as much as you can about them and get their contact information and move on.  You have to do more than just handing out your information.  Why?  Because it’s likely that nothing will be done with that information.  You can’t rely solely on your marketing materials to incite someone to follow up with you.  You have to get the other person’s contact information and take the initiative to follow up with them!


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