Are you GRATEFUL for a fabulous holiday weekend with your family? I’m talking about Thanksgiving in the US this past weekend….

I did. I got to unplug actually for almost 11 days! Check out today’s video to see what I was doing!

Click the video image to watch now.


If you are NOT able to do this in your business at this time because you either don’t have the systems in place for it to run without you OR you can’t afford to take time off because you’ll lose out on income…..THEN PLEASE COME TALK WITH ME THIS WEEK!

live big mastermindI want to help you FIX that so you can finally have a life and business that gives you the flexibility that you want and the income that you want too.

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Go here to read and watch more about my Live Big Mastermind then fill out the quick little form on that page to come talk with me for FREE to see how I can possibly help you this coming year to jumpstart your business!



Now…check out some upcoming events….


10 days of gratitude10 Days of Gratitude – Interview Series

Online Holiday Special Event

November 23 – Dec 2nd

Do you want to be happier? Do you want to see the beauty in life that others see? I’ll be one of the panel of experts at a unique FREE online event called “10 Days of Gratitude”.  Join me and other amazing experts who will be interviewed on the topic and a discussion of gratitude such as how gratitude plays a part in our lives, and how to use it to bring happiness and abundance!

Join us as we share our tools for gratitude that we have use to:

  • bring in added happiness,
  • remove doubt and fear,
  • to feel connected to our inner core.

The Powerful & Feminine Movement Series:

How to Thrive in Life, Love and Business – a FREE Online Video Series!Powerful-Feminine-Movement-Series-Promo-Graphic small

November 30 – December 14th

I’ve been invited to speak at an extraordinary online event with many awesome speakers that are also participating so join us for this powerhouse Online Event.

This two week long online video series will provide a wealth of life-changing information from 25 experts ranging in the areas of femininity, business, self-confidence, seduction, personal branding, family, money management, health, mindset, dating and sex.

This truly is a lifestyle series with the aim of showing women how to thrive in every area of their lives. And the best part is this event is totally F.R.E.E.!


 The Sacramento Speakers Network

Tuesday, December 1st at 6:00 pm PST  Sac speakers Network1.jpeg

Free Teleconference – on the phone!

I’ll be heading up this meetup starting Jan 2016 and there are some exciting changes in store. YOU can have the chance to SPEAK at an upcoming 2016 event!!

So if you are a Speaker, a wanna be speaker or an entrepreneur in the greater Sacramento area, join the meetup now and you’ll also find out about this upcoming info call for members on Dec 1st!



Join me on my 2nd BLAB – Love & Money Chat Room!

BlabPic-LoveandMoneyCome join the FREE open discussion about anything LOVE or MONEY.  All you have to do is subscribe to my blab profile page, then you’ll get updates and reminders for all my blabs live….including this one happening this

–>>> Wednesday, Dec 2nd at 4 pm PST

Why Love & Money? Because I believe that LOVE + MONEY = HAPPINESS that’s why!

No topic or discussion is off limits – you never know WHAT we’re going to talk about – mark your calendar and JOIN THE FUN!  Subscribe here now and don’t miss it!

Here’s to your Success!


Katrina Sawa  
The JumpStart Your Biz Coach
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Katrina Sawa is known as The JumpStart Your Biz Coach because she literally kicks her clients and their businesses into high gear. She works with highly motivated women entrepreneurs (and a few men!) who want to maximize and fast-track their business to make more money and enjoy more free time. Katrina uses online and offline Relationship Marketing Systems & Strategies to leverage your resources, contacts and your expertise; plus she kicks you in the butt to implement it all too! She does a whole lot more than just marketing coaching these days however, she looks at your entire business from the big picture all the way down to the nitty gritty detail of what you need to do and say to start up, grow and market your business.