It’s January which means it’s a great time to discuss your plans for the new year. Today I’m talking about the difference between visioning and planning.

Most of you have probably completed your Big Picture Planning for 2018.  Maybe you’ve also worked on a Vision Board. I’m sure some of you already have a picture in your mind where you want to be at the end of this year. That’s all great!

My interpretation of Visioning is seeing yourself where you want to be with Big Picture Items, Events or things that you want that are not tied to something measurable like a time line or a number goal.

With visioning, we see big things we want to happen, but we just don’t know how or when they will happen. For example:

  • About 10 years ago I wanted a Lexus. I didn’t have enough money to buy it at that time. Once I did have enough money to pay cash for it, I bought my Lexus.
  • I also had Oprah on my Vision Board about 9 years ago. I wanted to meet Oprah and be on her show. An opportunity presented itself where I could go to Chicago to see a couple of tapings of her show and while there, I was invited to be on her Radio Show.

Like many of you, I keep my Vision Boards next to my workspace so I can see them every day!

Planning is very important for your business and personal life. I’m not talking about resolutions but plans that help you reach your goals.

Click the video below to hear more about my tips and the tools I use for Visioning and Planning.

I hope these examples have helped you think more about your Visioning and Planning. If you’d like to have a conversation with me about your planning, your marketing or your business, just go to to sign up for a call with me. I want to see more entrepreneurs succeed doing what you love. I’m here to serve you to help you make money.

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