Today I want to share with you the Top 10 Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make and I’ll incorporate Tips to correct those mistake for you in the the Video below.  The reason I want to share this information with you is because I discovered many people who attended my recent Live Big Event were making several of these mistakes.

Top 10 Mistakes Entrepreneurs MakeIf you see that you are making any of these mistakes, think about hiring a coach, getting a mentor, getting someone to help you in your business, or coming to my next workshop.  Get the help you need now to move your business forward faster, whether you use my services or someone else.  Stop wasting time trying to figure it all out by yourself.

Here are the Top 10 Mistakes I’m Seeing Entrepreneurs Make, ranked in the order of importance:

    1. Thinking that You can Figure it all out by yourself and Do it All Yourself.
    2. Not Doing Enough Money Making Activities – Marketing, Sales and Follow UP.
    3. Saying or Believing that “I Can’t Afford It”.
    4. You Don’t Believe in Yourself.
    5. Not Getting Personal, Interactive, or Memorable in Your Marketing or on your Website.
    6. Not Taking Enough Time for Yourself, Your Family, Your Loved Ones, Your Significant Relationships.
    7. Not Having Clear and Easy Systems for What you Need to Do.
    8. You’re Too Busy to Give Attention to Money Making Tasks.
    9. You Don’t Know What you Don’t Know.
    10. You Don’t Ask for Help!


Check out the video below for more detail about these Top 10 Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make & How to Avoid Them!

Video Biz Tip: Top 10 Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make & How to Avoid Them!

I encourage you to take these mistake and my tips to heart. Get these mistakes off your plate and out of your way. Get on the right track to faster moving success in your business.

I would love to work with you to help you with your business. I’m very accessible to my mastermind group and my clients to help them with answers, solutions, and feedback. Let’s have a conversation if you’d like to check me out and find out more about how I can help you. Just go to to schedule a FREE Session with me.

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You can also engage with me a couple of other ways:

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