I’m excited to bring you a new video tip about how to Maximize Leads when you travel for business!

When you travel to events and speaking gigs, you want to meet the most amount of people, prospects, and referral sources that you can while on your trip! If you are not currently traveling for your business, you can still implement these strategies that I do in your local area while networking or attending an event that’s close to home. These tips will work whether you are traveling locally, regionally, nationally, or internationally.

Many of my clients have been asking me questions about what I do to maximize my leads when traveling because they are starting to travel more for their business too.

Of course, many of the things I do are guerrilla marketing strategies and they depend on the amount of time I’m in another city, the length of the event, and so on. You have to be flexible and review at the event schedule beforehand to make the best use of your time.

Click the video below to learn my secrets on “How to Maximize Leads When You Travel for Biz”


So what do you think? I encourage you to take advantage of these free or low cost tips because THEY WORK! You have the opportunity to get more clients and possibly pay for your trip.

If you’d like to talk to me more about these or other strategies to help you make more money in your biz, just head over to askkat.biz – sign up for a call and let’s talk about you and your business! I can help you Jumpstart Your Business FAST!


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