The subject of what to delegate to an Assistant or Virtual Assistant was a topic that several members of my Live Big Mastermind wanted to discuss with me recently.  The topic came up again during our bi-weekly group call in my Mastermind this week.

It appears to be a HOT topic, so I thought I should be sharing some tips about it with you today!   I’m also including a juicy FREE resource at this end of this video so make sure you pick that up while you are here.  And now, here are my Tips:

What Types of Tasks Should You Delegate to an Assistant

when & how to delegate to an assistant or VAYou have to figure out the types of tasks you need to delegate first.  For example, do you need someone to do technology-type tasks?  If you do, they will need to have experience doing those types of tasks which is very different from someone you might hire to make phone calls for you to generate leads, follow up with leads, book speaking gigs and things like that.   Once you’ve determined your types of tasks, you may find that you need more than just one person – you may need multiple people who can perform different types of tasks.

Most people need at least two people when they start out.  You don’t pay more, you just split the time that you are paying for between the two people.  You also have to find out what types of tasks the person is experienced doing and what they love to do before hiring them.  Interviewing prospective virtual assistants is KEY to making sure you get someone who is really good at the type of task you need them to do.

Reasons Why You Need to Start Delegating Now

Why do I delegate in the first place?  Because I love taking a three day weekend with my family, going to events, and I like not having to worry about what’s been done when I’m away at speaking events.  My team takes care of those things for me.  Wouldn’t you like this kind of freedom?  Delegating allows me to take a real vacation where I’m not working while on the beach.  It also allows me to do more to reach more people so I can make more money!!!  And You Can Too!

Check out the video below for more detail about How and What to Delegate to an Assistant or VA to Save YOU Time!

Video Biz Tip: How and What to Delegate to an Assistant or VA to Save YOU Time!

I’m offering a **FREE** checklist of the types of tasks you need to start delegating. These are 43 things that I’ve found have come up in my business over the past 14 years where I needed to delegate the tasks to an assistant. It’s a great list to start with to give you some ideas. It has helped my clients see areas where an assistant would be beneficial. Of course, there will be some things that might not apply to where you are in your business at this time, but you can use them later on.

So make sure you pick up my checklist. You’ll find it on my Live Big Events website, (where you’ll also get information about my live events). Go to:

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