I want to share some tips with you about Live Events and how to host your own Live Events. While networking in my local area, I’ve noticed that there are more people who are hosting their own Events.

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Now back to my tips about Hosting Your Live Event…

I’m frequently asked about how to host live events by people who may or may not have been coached on this important topic. It’s clear to me who hasn’t received coaching on hosting live events and I’m sure these people are not getting the results they had expected.

I’ve been to many different types of events – some have been extravagant, attended by many people where we were treated to free food and drink. Yes, they were phenomenal! But for most of us entrepreneurs, we need to have the end result in mind when we plan our events.

How will we or can we make the event profitable?

One of the biggest profit killers of a live event budget is providing too much food and beverage and/or the number of rooms blocked off in the hotel where the event is being held, if you don’t have enough people signing up at your event.

There are many ways to have an engaging and exciting event without spending too much money or blowing up your budget. For those who are just starting to hold events, my advice is: You need to be practical.  And that’s the kind of advice and guidance I provide when coaching people who are holding live events.  Keep the end result in mind – Keep it profitable.

Click the video to hear more tips about “Hosting Your Own Events – Do’s and Don’ts!”


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Talk to You Again Soon!


Katrina Sawa

The Jumpstart Your Biz Coach, Speaker &

Author of the book, Love Yourself Successful



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