Have you thought about doing webinars in your business? If not, you might consider doing them. But you need to learn how to do them and why you might want to do many more in your business, whether free or paid.

My friend, Ellen Finkelstein recently joined me on a short interview with Change the World Marketing and she shared valuable tips and important points that you need to know, if you are doing webinars now or if you plan to do them in the future.

In this content-packed interview, Ellen covers some of the mistakes that many business owners make – I found that I’ve made them too.

So listen in to learn what you need to know to do webinars well from someone who does them frequently and makes money from them too! You will also learn to build a better webinar strategy. You’ll need to know how to create your webinar strategy because the internet and engagement is changing and shifting – you want to shift with it.

Ellen gives us all an AMAZING tip about half way through the recording so have you pen and paper ready to take notes. AND she gives a FREE Copy of her PowerPoint Layout Templates on this video.

Listen in to learn more about “Doing Webinars in Your Business” and how do them correctly. Go listen in!




If you’re looking to get help formulating your talk in the first place or getting booked elsewhere or offline too, then come talk with me about this and more in a complimentary business strategy session by clicking here: http://www.AskKat.biz.

Here’s to Creating More Success in your Business! 


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