Today I’m talking about a quick tip about using handouts when speaking. If you’ve followed me even for a short period of time, you know that I use speaking as my #1 marketing strategy in my own business. And I teach it to my clients and other entrepreneurs as well.

Speaking is really the #1 Fastest Path to Cash. You can leverage your time and expertise by talking on a video (like this one you are viewing), a telesummit, a webinar or in person at a conference, at a meeting or even a very small group. I’ve spoken to a room of as little as 5 people in the room (including myself and the host) and as many as 3,000. You can get started anywhere. speakingSo today, I want to teach you about using handouts in your speaking presentation, specifically offline but you can use these strategies for online speaking too. If you are using handouts when you are speaking online, you’ll drive people to a pdf that has a special link. You can use this strategy if you are even speaking on a radio show or a podcast too. Check out the video below to learn the 7 Ways to Create Effective Handouts for Speaking Gigs. I’m showing you examples on this video too! Click the video below to learn about “Creating Effective Handouts for Speaking Gigs”.

So get your materials prepared and use them at your next Speaking Gig!

speaker success webinar 2If you are interested in more tips to monetize more of your speaking opportunities, make sure to sign up for my Speaker Success Webinar. It’s a FREE webinar coming up on June 7th at 12p.m. PST. You’ll learn my 6 Steps to Speaker Success in this webinar. If you miss it when it’s LIVE, it’s being recorded so you can listen to it later. But you have to sign up. Just go to


speaking speaker successAnd I have a Speaker Training event coming up in Sacramento this July – you’ll see all of the information about my Speaker Success Bootcamp when you go to my website. This training is LIVE and in person and is packed with the information you need to be a more successful speaker, whether you are new to speaking or are currently a speaker. Here’s to Your Success!


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