When’s the last time you looked at what YOU were offering?  Think it’s time to uplevel, change it up or even raise your rates?

I had one client once who came to one of my live events and I told her to double her rates….that next month she made double of what she did the month before all because of that.

It can be that simple BUT…you may need some supportive entrepreneurs around you to lift you up, push you outside your comfort zone and help you see your true worth in order to do this!

That’s what I’m talking about a little today in my new video…all about those high level, annual coaching programs you see out there called masterminds (or they really have many names and forms). It’s the type of program you can dive into, work through stuff, get a bunch of stuff done and make a lot of really close friendships with like-minded entrepreneurs.

That’s the kind of mastermind I’m talking about….take a watch to my video today if you’re serious about taking your business to the next level but aren’t sure if you can go it alone….

Today I’m talking all about mastermind programs and other group programs to join or RUN in my New Video!

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