Let’s just get to the point… no long back story here. I’ve had my own business for almost 16 years now (this Aug) and for what I’ve seen that works for me, my clients, my friends doing really well financially are these two things. Period.

Do other things work? Yes of course. Will you work HARDER to make them work? Yes.

So why not just spend the majority of your time doing the most EFFICIENT & EFFECTIVE forms of lead generation, marketing, follow up and sales!?!?

Top 2 Ways to Get Clients FAST:

  1. Speak – in person, online on webinars, zoom calls, presentations, over the phone on teleclasses, radio interviews, podcast interviews or host your own podcast, radio show or event (online or off). This is the fastest path to cash because YOU are now the INFLUENCER.YOU ARE THE CREDIBLE AUTHORITY FIGURE. This one strategy is what drives 90% of my sales, period. So figure out what you need to do to GET OVER YOUR FEAR OF THIS, or learn how to do it, get started or do it BETTER and make money doing it. Period. You have to learn this stuff – the knowledge about WHAT to do doesn’t just fall out of the sky into your brain! Come on people, get with the program and stop avoiding doing this. Just learn how, get clear on your message, what to do, how to do it and you’ll be much more confident. I promise you. I can help.
  2. Have more Sales Conversations – in person, over the phone, even via email or message online. You have to engage people, they have to start to trust you, you have to hit their “hot buttons” (what matters to THEM) and you have to ask them to take a next step with you. If you aren’t making enough money, you’re just not talking to enough people. Period. So how do you have more conversations? Go back to #1!! And you’ll want to have other foundational things in your business set up so you don’t have a bunch of chaos in the back end of course. Plus there will be a few other things you’ll want to do for marketing, lead generation, follow up and sales. And you may have to learn more on how to best market, follow up and perform quality, authentic and non-salesy sales conversations. These are the things I see MOST ENTREPRENEURS ARE NOT INVESTING ENOUGH TIME OR RESOURCES INTO LEARNING. Either because you think you can “figure it out yourself” or you “don’t really want to know this stuff” or you “think you know what to do” but how’s that working for you now?

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