Are you wondering how to get your clients’ (or those who are on your email list) attention these days? 

They subscribed at some point or bought from you but they’re just not opening your emails… this is becoming a HUGE ISSUE amongst a lot of us who have worked so hard and long to build a following, our community if you will, of people who wanted more information about what we do, how we can help, etc. but now just aren’t paying much attention, if any at all.

This is a question I ask my clients, event attendees and even the audience from stage or a podcast interview.

Do you want the answer to how to get more people to pay attention via email?

The magic pill to getting 80-100% email open rates?

Are you sure?

Ha ha ha… 

Well – SO DO I ! LOL

Why do you think I’m writing an email about how to get your emails opened? I’ll let you know if this worked.

I’m really not trying to trick you, I’m trying to see if you open or respond to this, knowing it must be a concern for you also.

So, what are we going to do about it?

I know what I’m NOT going to do.

I’m not going to STOP emailing you. I’m not going to stop sharing my thoughts, business advice, tips, and personal stories with you.

I’m not going to email you less in hopes that you open my emails then or more just to bug you. I’m going to email when I think there’s something of interest to share with you, something that can benefit you in your quest to growing your business, making a lot of money doing what you love!

I recommend you do not stop sending emails either.

  • Send them based on your life though – when you want to send them.
  • Send stuff that’s relevant to your ideal clients and community.
  • Tell stories and get personal with them, that’s what they want to hear anyway and what differentiates you from others who do what you do.
  • Stop worrying about how long the email has to be or what days or times to send them though. As you can probably tell there is no magic answer.
  • Just communicate, share, inspire, educate and relate. Period.
  • You don’t need fancy software, templates, designs or logos.

But you do need to be compliant these days or your email address, the actual address, could get blackballed and caught in people’s S**M filters. I don’t even want to write the word in here for fear of more walls going up.

So, what DO you do to get people to pay attention?

  • You get REALLY creative.
  • Give awesome value.
  • Be accessible. Did you know I read every single email that comes my way? Some people actually think I have an assistant who reads them – or writes these even! Nope, it’s all me. Good or bad I guess, it’s what’s on my mind and the minds of my clients. That’s what I try to bring to you.

Finally, have fun with it!

Pretend like you’re writing to your favorite client, yes, just them. See what happens!

Just please also make sure you’re doing various other things in your marketing and follow up to keep in touch with your clients and those you meet – like phone calls, connecting on social media sites AND sending stuff in the US mail (yes, I said the mail – it’s a must these days)! Give me your address on one of my forms and you’ll see what I send! 😉

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