Do you realize that you could very well be making it really, really hard for prospects to buy from you or get more info from you in general?

So many business owners and entrepreneurs are doing this…making it difficult for your prospects to buy.

You just aren’t aware though so it’s ok but please heed these suggestions so you can get more prospects to say YES to you or even find you or sign up for more info.

How could you be making it hard for them?

  1. frustratedNot having easy click and buy buttons on your website for things you really could be selling automatically.
  2. Not having flyers, cards or order forms on hand when you attend live events to catch those hot and ready to buy or sign up on the spot when you meet them.
  3. Not including your FULL CONTACT INFO and signature line (like mine below my pic below) on ALL your email correspondence, messages on social media, YOUR WEBSITE!! or even some social posts where it’s a good opportunity.
  4. Not having online fill in forms to fill out instead of PDF or word attachments for prospect calls or new client intake forms and info to gather from them.
  5. and so many more things it would take me all day to list!

How do you know how to fix this or what YOUR BUSINESS & PROSPECTS really need to see or get access to?

  • It does take a little bit of brainstorming to determine what they need or want from you and how YOU can supply or offer that to them in a way that’s easier FOR THEM!!
  • Always think about your prospects and clients FIRST and how everything you do or send affects them, not just you.
  • Embrace technology, it is your friend. Just learn how to use it or get help from someone who sees what else is possible to automate your processes (like me!).

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