The number of people you have in your database is the number of people you have access to market to on a regular basis so your #1 goal in your business should be to build your database and set up a consistent, frequent system for marketing and following up with them.

If this isn’t your #1 goal, you’re missing out on a ton of sales. If you’re not networking (online and in person in some way), you’re missing out on a ton of sales. Networking in person can be your fastest path to quick cash flow if you have special offers and easy YES offers.

Here is a quick 6 STEP networking and follow up guide for you:

  1. Have you defined your target market? Are you sure? Who is your ideal client?       Describe them.
  2. How many people are in your current database (everyone you know)? I recommend you include everyone you know within your larger database so you can call or mail something to them. However it is not good email etiquette to add just anyone to an email list, you want to make sure you’ve gotten their verbal opt in at least if you met them in person and they didn’t enter a drawing or something. Find out more about how to get the “verbal opt in” in a recent video I did here.
  3. How many people do you want to add to that this year? Do you want to double it?       What’s your goal? You should set a goal or it definitely won’t happen right? Maybe 200-400 subscribers a month? Not everyone you meet will want to get on your list.
  4. Where can you go to build your list where your ideal client is hanging out (brainstorm)?
    1. women’s or business organizations
    2. chamber of commerce events
    3. industry association meetings
    4. membership functions
    5. local or national conferences and workshops – BIG PROSPECT POOL!
    6. online social networking websites, blogs and forums
  5. How to best prepare yourself for networking:
    1. research events and block them on your calendar every month (make sure you’re consistent and go back often to ones that are good)
    2. practice your 10-30-60 second commercials
    3. bring marketing materials, always have them in your car and on hand so you never run out – INCLUDING A WAY TO SIGN A CLIENT UP ON THE SPOT! (order forms!)
    4. arrive on time and allow enough time after for continued networking – don’t rush
    5. be prepared to give to others, ask questions of others and not just talk about yourself
  6. Develop an easy follow up system you can follow each week or delegate it to an assistant so it gets done! Use email, direct mail, phone for sure and connecting on social media sites too.

Networking is just ONE way to market and promote your business to get clients however it can be the fastest path to fast cash other than by speaking which is better.

When I first started my business I went to an average of 14 networking events every single month locally. Then I followed up like crazy in many different ways and I became very top-of-mind with everyone I met.

These days, 12 years into my business, I’m still networking locally although I’m networking nationally as well. I travel to various conferences, workshops and events to speak, exhibit or attend and network. I always make the best use of my time and spend the whole time at the event too rather than just flying in for an appearance and leaving early.

The key is to just get started. Find a few events and get out there! 

I also did a 3 part Video Series on the topic of Networking, here is the first video:



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