Hi everyone,

Boy am I glad my whirlwind of trips is over (for pictures check out my Facebook). Can you believe I did nothing but sit on my couch with my honey this last Sunday ALL DAY watching TV, movies and recorded shows we wanted to catch up on? I know, I don’t do that very often but it was soooooo nice to unplug like that and just veg. Can you relate?

Then of course, it was time to hit the ground running with FOLLOW UP this week and the implementing of everything I want to change and do from all the events I went to or spoke at. In fact I blocked 3 separate times on my calendar to do just these things. Do you do that? I recommend you try…

This week’s video tip is all about Getting More Time Back or technically….clearing space. One of the main things I work with my coaching clients on is their time management, what to focus on, how to manage their time, etc. BECAUSE….if you don’t create more space or time for yourself you won’t have the time to do the additional marketing strategies that you desperately need to do to grow your business! I know you’re already wayyyyy tooooooo busy right? Of course you are, there isn’t any entrepreneur that isn’t too busy already.


Watch today’s video then please comment below and tell me what YOUR thoughts are about what you can do to clear or create more space/time for yourself ok? I will respond, I promise!


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Talk to you soon!

~ Katrina Sawa

The Jumpstart Your Biz Coach




PS. Comment below – I’d love to hear from you about this topic!


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