The Big Question to Ask Yourself

This is a question I ask my clients, event attendees and even the audience from stage or a podcast interview.

What if… something happened in your life that forced you to be unable to work in your business for a couple weeks, how about a couple months?

What if… you could only work part time instead of all the time?

What would happen to your income, your clients, your business?

Would your business be able to sustain itself? Would the marketing and sales continue? Would things get done that need to get done so that you could pay your bills?

If you have a good team of people, it’s possible that you might be ok. Luckily I’ve built in at least a good enough team of assistants to make sure the marketing is still running, the communication can still go out to clients and my community and someone can step in and get a lot of things done if need be.

But it wasn’t always that way. I’ve been alone in my business before too, luckily not a lot of “life stuff” happened during those years.

All the unfortunate things that have happened to me that have caused me to lose time working and/or could have affected my earning potential, have happened when I already had the team and the systems in place.

But this is one of the biggest mistakes I see entrepreneurs making… they don’t prepare for the “WHAT IF” soon enough.

You never know when:

  • Someone in your life will get ill, hurt or die and YOU have to step in to help them or the situation.
  • YOU might have something go wrong and need help or be “out for the count” so to speak.
  • Unexpected career changes happen
  • Life happens – birth, fall, death

Just today in fact, I’m shocked by two pretty young souls who were taken from us (or left). One pretty prominent guy here in the city I live in just committed suicide this past weekend, not sure what day, but Jason saw it on Facebook and he knew the guy. I feel so bad for his family. Then today I found out a friend of mine in LA died from cancer late yesterday, she was so young. I just posted a pic of us on my Facebook… Isn’t it crazy?

You just never know. Life happens. Death happens. Crazy crap happens too.

You have to be prepared in your business with the right funnels, marketing, systems and team, you just have to be.

I LOVE helping people with these things and getting you all organized, set up and systematized, more automated and super clear on what you’re doing so you don’t have to stress in case something (anything) happens around you.

Wanna chat sometime soon about what could be missing in your business?

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Let me help you figure out what those are for you (sooner than later)?

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Here’s to creating and enjoying a life full of lots of LOVE & MONEY!!

katrina sawa

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