Are you avoiding doing Video and Live Streaming?

I have some clients who are not yet doing video or livestreaming and they really need to take advantage of this powerful medium.  I invited the Video Queen, Monique Johnson to join me in a recent Facebook Live to talk about Everything Video but that video has since expired now. But read on for some quick tips and then make sure you follow me on Facebook as well as Monique here.

As you know, networking is important for the growth of your business, but let’s face it – you are not going to be able to reach as many people at going to networking events as you can when you are broadcasting Live or with a Video online. When you appear on video or a Facebook Live, it’s like an opportunity to reach (or to network) with many more people who are from several geographic areas, not only those who are in your local area.

When you are broadcasting or doing a video online, it’s like you’re attending a networking event and you are the featured speaker!

I met my friend, Monique Johnson, at an event where we were both speaking and her presentation blew me away.  She is  an expert in Video Production and in using Video and broadcasting Live.  Monique helps her clients and students get more clients by showing them how to use and harness the power of Social Video.

I got together with Monique on a Facebook Live recently to discuss “Everything Video”.  Monique shared several great tips about Live Videos and stressed the importance of repurposing your video or Live content on your social media platforms.  Here are a few of Monique’s tips that we cover in this broadcast:

  • It’s important that your Live Videos don’t die on the platform you broadcasted them on – Repurpose them.
  • Each platform has different limits for Video and Live streaming.  What you are publishing YouTube isn’t the same as what you will be publishing on Instagram.
  • If your Video is longer than the length the platform you want to share it on will allow, you simply edit it to show shorter videos like snippets, teasers, and highlights.
  • You don’t have to invest in a lot of expensive equipment to get started.  A smartphone is all you need.

Do you know all of the broadcast limit of each social media platform?

If you missed our Facebook Live, go follow us online and catch the next one!

Be sure to check out Monique’s Group to learn more about creating Videos and Live Streams for your business.

Come on! It’s YOUR Time to shine online!!

xoxo Katrina

Here’s to Creating A More Successful Business!

Katrina Sawa

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Young Woman Sitting in Front of a Computer and LaughingI see hundreds of business owners wasting hours of time each week on social media that I just want to cut to the chase.

If you’re looking to get paying clients from your efforts on social media websites and also get more people signed up on your email newsletter or to your website from your efforts on social media websites then these are:

The Top 8 “Productive” Things to Do On Social Media for Business

  1. Snap – Snap photos of yourself, family, kids, vacation, pet and wherever you go and then upload them so your followers and friends can get to know you better.
  2. Share – Share other people’s posts, pictures, promotions or quotes to give them social credit and you a good reputation for being generous and supportive online.
  3. Educate – Educate your followers and friends on things you are an expert in. It could be business related or any fun facts, information and more. They will look to you as more of an expert and refer you business too if you share really good stuff!
  4. Proclaim – Proclaim fun new things going on with you in your life, or your goals in business even and others will hold you accountable but also cheer you on.
  5. Engage – Comment on as many other posts you can that are relevant. For business topics, share your expertise, give free advice, resources and more; don’t hold back and people will take notice and refer you more or recommend you to their friends because you show so much generosity.
  6. Connect – Connect on a deeper level with as many people as you can also. Don’t just like their page or add them as a friend or connection, send them a private message, find out more about them and what they do.
  7. Converse – Take the online conversation to the next level. Suggest talking on the phone or meeting in person if you’re local to build a stronger relationship, become referral sources, collaborate or even do business.
  8. Have fun – Have fun with it but don’t waste too much time if you’re in business, get to the heart of the connection, take it to a conversation and see if or how you can help each other. Have fun by sharing fun images, quotes or things that really express your personality too!

It can be this simple.

Yet most entrepreneurs are just posting and maybe commenting on things….you’re not engaging others to your fullest extent. That is the big mistake.

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It’s time to evolve your marketing plan and strategy, especially if you haven’t updated it in a while or if you have no real strategy at all.

Rough Pic of 2014 Conference Screen Shot

Being an entrepreneur in this day and age there is NO getting around being online, being visible, credible, knowledgable and informative. Let’s face it, if you’re not already embracing most social media platforms for whatever reason, it’s time to start paying attention and get interactive online. But it’s more than just “being” on social media, there is a lot more to pay attention to and this can help.

I recently returned from a pretty big social media and digital marketing conference and there were a few key things that I gleaned from this event that I’m going to implement more or pay attention to when updating my marketing strategy (right now, not later, but now) and I thought you may want to know what these updated trends are as well. And the reason I’ve dated them here is because this stuff changes fast so make sure YOU are getting updates like this from your own team or mentors regularly (or connect with me and get mine).

7 Updated Online Marketing Trends – July 2014

  1. Facebook business pages no longer have good reach, they are now set up for more of a pay-to-reach type of opportunity. It used to be, as recent as October 2013, that your posts would get a reach of 10-12% of your total fans. Now, in April of 2014, only 6 months later, Facebook has changed our pages and we’re only seeing an average of 1-2% reach. Why is that? Facebook obviously wanted us to enjoy having this opportunity to reach our fans and followers but now they want to get paid for that. You can’t blame them but WE, the entrepreneur, have to evolve where we’re focusing our efforts in order to continue reaching enough prospects, new leads and customers online. Remember, you want to use Facebook as just a marketing tool, posting and commenting isn’t always what works on these platforms, it’s the actual one-to-one connecting that works, make sure you have a strategy for doing that effectively on social sites to enough people each month.
  2. Almost 5 billion pieces of content are shared daily on Facebook and 500 million tweets are shared each day on Twitter. How interactive are YOU on these sites and others?
  3. 84% of people you’re marketing to trust recommendations from people they know which means you want to build a loyal following with people who will share and refer you. You may also consider that any paid advertising you do could work less due to this fact as well. What are YOU doing to educate and keep in touch with your database each month?
  4. 100 hours of videos are uploaded to YouTube every minute. How much of that is video you produced and are sharing? This is probably one of THE most CRITICAL marketing strategies you want to figure out how to add effectively to your plan this year.
  5. Podcasts are becoming so popular that some of the new car makers are installing podcast players and stations into car radios along side the AM/FM stations. 39 million Americans have listened to a podcast in the last month.
  6. Pic courtesy of The App Chicks

    Mobile viewers make up more than 40% of all YouTube global watch-time, more than 1 billion videos are uploaded per day. Is YOUR site mobile friendly where someone doesn’t actually have to move the site around to see what’s on it, really mobile friendly not just visible via mobile? There’s a difference. And are you on YouTube with videos and podcasts where your prospects can listen and watch you on the go?

  7. Buyers are 70% of the way to a buying decision BEFORE they agree to talk with you which means you must have a very impressive, credible, functional and action-oriented website and overall online presence. Do you?

Most of all however, for all types of marketing, the goal should be to get them into your mailing and email database so that you can continue to market to them. You’ve got to build relationships with them over time; that’s the most effective way to market to anyone. People will do business with people they like, trust and connect with so make it easy for them to do business with you and refer their friends to you too!

Now, if you want more specific examples, steps and samples of ways to do all this then you really want to attend my next 3 ½ day Jumpstart Your Marketing® & Sales Summit where I lay out everything you need to do to market online and offline in many different ways and for many different types of businesses too. I give you the steps, the implementation cheat sheets basically on how to do this, what to say, when to send stuff, how to send it and how to even delegate it all so that you can concentrate on getting MORE prospects and making more sales.

So join me in November and let’s jumpstart your business! Go to for all the details and sign up today!

Here’s to creating and enjoying the business and life of your dreams!

Katrina Sawa

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One of the biggest things I see with entrepreneurs in February is that they typically get into a funk. They set lofty goals maybe in January that still aren’t really coming to fruition or they’ve already backed out of the resolutions they’ve set and for whatever reason get into a funk about business stuff or personal (which in turn affects their business too).

Some of the things that can put us into that funk include:

  • Realizing that what we’re doing to grow our business isn’t working
  • Having negative people around you and saying unsupportive things
  • Not having the funds to invest in or do the things you KNOW you need to do

I did a little poll on Facebook recently along with asked some friends, peers and clients: “What do you do when you get into a funk”?

Here are 20 Ways I found or that came up in that poll that could help you when that FUNK hits you too:

  1. Pray
  2. Say some positive affirmations
  3. Read a chapter in an inspirational book
  4. Get out into nature
  5. Pamper yourself with a massage or pedicure
  6. Call a supportive friend, peer or mentor
  7. Read thank you notes, letters and cards
  8. Review the testimonials of your clients on your website
  9. Watch an inspirational video on YouTube
  10.  Shift your plans or appointments for the day and go do something fun or play instead
  11.  Get to a networking event to socialize and brainstorm with others
  12.  Set a NEW goal and take some action towards it
  13.  Get hugs
  14.  Exercise
  15.  Nurture yourself on the inside
  16.  Take a nap
  17.  Wallow in it all for a little bit – set a timer for just how long and feel it
  18.  Get a caffeine fix
  19.  Straighten your office, get organized
  20.  Watch a funny movie

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I recorded this video just for you guys this morning in fact because I see HUGE OPPORTUNITIES for you to do so much better in your business and be way less stressed.

I’m begging you to take more time to do this ONE thing in your business…you will be SOOOOOO much happier if you do, I promise!


One thing I’m grateful for having systems for is that unfortunately I have to get surgery in January and automated marketing, lead generation, my team, systems and processes are going to SAVE ME from stressing out in case I’m on big pain killers for longer than I want to be.

I told the doc that I’ve got stuff to do, how long will I be out? He said it could be 2-6 weeks.

What would you do if YOU had to be OUT of your business for that long? How bad would your income suffer because YOU couldn’t work?

Think about it, of course we never think anything will ever happen to us (or those we love right)? But neither did I. Hip replacement surgery at 42? Who would have guessed? That’s for someone in their 60’s, 70’s and 80’s right? NOPE!

So just be careful NOT protecting yourself, your business and your income by NOT taking time to implement the right systems and automated marketing NOW.

Speaking allows you to build credibility and trust FASTER with prospects.

Speaking allows you to have a platform to be the expert.

Speaking allows you the opportunity to build your list by either doing a drawing, giving something away or even selling and making money when applicable.


There are a ton of reasons you want to start speaking if you aren’t already AND reasons why you want to get MORE GIGS too. If you’re not constantly focused on that being a revenue generating activity – you should be.

Here is my media/speaking page for you to use as a model too FYI.

If you aren’t seeing the kinds of results you want from whatever you may be currently doing in your marketing or business right now then I want to help you.

If you aren’t really doing what you’re meant to be doing or charging what you know you’re worth then I want to help you.

Let’s figure out a plan together, outline your next steps as well as the marketing and revenue generating activities you need to be doing EVERY DAY in your business to reach your goals.



I hope you’re off and had a fun, relaxing weekend. I know I did.

Check out the video message for what I was up to this weekend and for some tips on about the difference between speaking for free or a fee and why you should care and where you can see me live this week plus so much more.

Click here or the video image

I hope you’ve had an awesome summer (or winter for those of you in other countries!)? It seems like many of you tend to not work so hard during the summer months, is that true?

So are you ready to get BACK TO BUILDING YOUR BUSINESS OR WHAT? I say YES! If you have systems in place, you can take time off and you’re still building your business – is YOUR business a smooth running, money making machine on its own yet?

(Click here or the video image to HEAR what I have to say about Direct, Segmented & Targeted Marketing Strategies)

I wanted to talk about how to be more strategic with your marketing by segmenting your list and targeting specific groups of people, prospects and referral sources. I gave a couple of examples on the video on what to do with that and why.

The main reason is that your messages are more relevant.

The other reason is so its more personal to the recipient.

Much of what you could be sending, saying or posting in your marketing could just not be hitting the hot buttons of who’s seeing your messages.

You aren’t talking to ENOUGH people either – I know that for a fact because no business owner is.

You may need to do 50-300% MORE MARKETING
than you’re doing now to actually reach the amount of people you need to reach to be able to get the percentage of those people who will respond to engage with you in order to get the right number of people to buy your products and services in order to hit the money goals you may have.

Its a numbers game but are you hitting big enough numbers? Do you even know? If you don’t know your numbers – how many people you need to reach every month in order to hit your goals then I want to help you.

If you aren’t seeing the kinds of results you want
from whatever you may be currently doing in your marketing or business right now then I want to help you.

If you aren’t really doing what you’re meant to be doing or charging what you know you’re worth then I want to help you.

Let’s figure out a plan together,
outline your next steps as well as the marketing and revenue generating activities you need to be doing EVERY DAY in your business to reach your goals.

Don’t be scared to talk to me because you think you’re not ready yet. Or you think I’m going to just pile more work on you when you’re already too busy. I hear those excuses all the time.

Trust me, my goal is to make this business EASIER for you and more streamlined, strategic, more creative, fun and WAY MORE PROFITABLE for you. You ARE working too hard. Let me help you.

GET STARTED SOMEWHERE! Click here for all the details!