I want to share some book publishing tips with you, regardless of how you think you want to publish, or when, check this out.  Hey friends, have you wanted to become a published author but haven’t taken the plunge yet in writing your own book?  When I got started writing books, I participated in a compilation book. It was much easier to just write one chapter and have someone else coordinate the publication of the entire book and whoala! I was a published author! Now I am in 6 compilation books and have two full books of my own – 4 of which are now International Best Sellers. I say this because becoming an author has “changed me” dramatically with my confidence, belief in myself and my abilities and it’s gotten me numerous opportunities for publicity and exposure as well over the last 13 years now that it’s been since I did the first one. Watch this video to learn time and money saving tips on how to do this before you enter into any contract or book writing endeavor.

Trust me! There are so many things to know about writing a book, especially if you plan to sell it and want to make any money with your book. Because the money will not come from the sales of the book most likely, it will come from other things you have in place in your business! One big tip when you’re writing a full book of your own is to WRITE THE BACK COVER COPY FIRST. My friend and book coach/mentor, Christine Kloser said this to me years ago and it stuck. It also makes great sense because your back cover is what gets people to want to BUY your book so you have to know what that “transformation” is that they will experience when reading your book. Start there and the rest will be easier. Do you want to have all the clients you can handle running to your door every month? Then become a published author, write multiple books and/or become an author in a compilation book where you just write one chapter for now if that’s all you can muster but get started now. Being an author has changed my life, up-leveled my confidence and opened a lot of doors for me. In 2018 I gathered 26 others to participate in a compilation book that I published, called Jumpstart Your _____, it went to International Best-Seller in 3 countries! I’m hosting one again this year and I’d LOVE to have some of you participate!!

  • Imagine, holding YOUR OWN book in your hands before 2019 is done!
  • Imagine what YOUR CLIENTS and prospects will say when they find out YOU ARE A PUBLISHED AUTHOR!
  • Imagine what your friends and family will say?

It can be super easy for you to become a published author, you know. You may not see that now but you have to trust me. With the books that I publish, I include business and marketing coaching as well with your participation and investment. Not a lot of other publishers do that nor are all of them business and marketing coaches. When you decide to write a chapter in a book like this, not only do you become a published author, the book can become your biggest lead generation strategy. When people read your chapter, they will want to know more, learn more and talk with you; it just works. Because I have a marketing focus with these books, you can get “your story out” but you can also get your “marketing message” out in the hands of those who potentially can work with you. I show you how to use these books as a marketing tool, how to sell them, promote them and integrate them with everything you’re doing in your life and business. I would love to talk with any of you who are interested at all in this type of opportunity. Please don’t sit back and wait, thinking things like: “I’m way too busy to do this right now” or “I don’t know what to write about” (we help you figure that out) or “I can’t afford to do that right now” (we make it stupid easy for you TO afford it). Instead… come talk with me in a free chat about books and what being an author can do for you in your business this year and beyond… it can forever change you!! Find out more about the Jumpstart Your ____ Volume II closing this week for authors, come chat with me if you’re interested! —> Want to join a community of other motivated entrepreneurs for networking & masterminding every single month? Check out the new International Entrepreneur Network and Join Today for just $7/mo! www.iEntrepreneurNetwork.com

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Katrina Sawa

The Jumpstart Your Biz Coach, Speaker &

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