I’ve booked another month packed with Events here on the West Coast.  I’ve giving a workshop on the right way to build your website and I’m participating in some incredible online events.  Check them out!

sml logoAfter a busy holiday weekend, I hosted another successful meeting of the Sacramento Speaker & Entrepreneur Network in Rancho Cordova.  This networking group has grown to be one of the most popular for Speakers, Aspiring Speakers, Authors, Coaches & Entrepreneurs in the Sacramento area.  It’s a great venue for networking, collaboration, and training. You can also sign up to Speak at one of our meetings.  We meet on the first Tuesday of each month so check it out at Sacramento Speaker Network and join us next month.

GCObannerMy colleague, Business Leverage Expert Christine Gallagher, has put together an epic event to “pay it forward” the Get Clients Online Giveaway!  I’m happy to announce that I’ve joined with other industry leaders to  give away hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of gifts that include business templates, tools, and resources.  You are going to love this Giveaway!

This online GIVEAWAY event is now open and runs through September 27, 2016 These gifts have all been created to help YOU work smarter and leverage your time, talent, and expertise.  I’m giving away a prize package with a total value of over $2,000!

Here are just a few of the other incredible gifts you can access for FREE:

  • High-converting webinar outline
  • Launch sequence template
  • Facebook funnel template
  • Inbound marketing blueprint
  • Follow-up email templates
  • And so many more!

(This giveaway ends at midnight on Sept 27th, 2016.)

Click the link to head over to the Get Clients Online Giveaway today   and select the gifts you want!

Vitamin VideoDon’t miss Sarah Fisher’s Video Vitamin podcast on September 8th at 3p PST.  She will be interviewing yours truly and our topic of discussion is “Love + Business: How to Design Your Dream Life”.

On this podcast, we will discuss how lack of love can hold you back from making huge monetary gains in your business.  This can send your business into a tailspin with little warning! All the marketing, systems and planning in the world may not be able to pull you through or get you to that next level unless you are completely happy in your personal life too; you will only get to a certain level of revenues and then most likely get stuck.

Video Vitamin podcasts provide practical business and life advice to socially conscious entrepreneurs about marketing, mindfulness, wealth building, and more.

You can click the link to subscribe to the Video Vitamin podcast now.

Growing your business by having more repeat business and referrals is obviously the number one thing entrepreneurs want. An effective, professionally designed and professionally written website is ONE of the most important components of your entire, overall marketing plan!

I’m giving a workshop on the “5 Steps to Converting More Website Visitors Into Customers” at the Sacramento Better Business Bureau on September 14 from 10a – 11:30a PST.

Join us if you are struggling with what to do with your current site and you are not sure how to make it better and get more attention.  I’m going to share secrets how you can convert more website visitors into paying customers and how to get your site up and running the right way to get more business from it

Come to this presentation and learn the five secrets of an effective, sales producing website and brand no matter what industry or business you’re in.

Click the link on 5 Steps to Converting More Website Visitors Into Customers for more registration details.

L&M ClubI love my Love & Money Club members!  Our Members Only Quarterly Call is scheduled for September 16th from 10a – 12 noon PST.  I’ll be providing 1on1 coaching to my Love & Money Club Paid Members during this call in.  Members will have an opportunity to discuss any challenges or problems they are having in their businesses or to ask me questions.  This is a great time for me to help members get clear on what’s holding them back, keeping them stuck or to answer their questions to help move them forward faster!
My Love & Money Club Welcome Call will follow at 12Noon – 1p PST on September 16th.  All Love & Money Club Members are welcome to join us on this call.  This is an opportunity to get free group coaching with me. Members can get advice, suggestions and ask questions to get clarity with what they should be doing to grow their business!   Free membership offers a variety of other benefits too included some limited trainings.

Not a member yet? You can sign up for FREE Now!  Just go to www.loveandmoneyclub.com  to get more details about member benefits with Free and Paid Membership.

Elite Life MasteryAre you ready to create an amazing life? Are you tired of feeling stuck? Are you frustrated because you are not living your dreams and not fulfilling your potential? Do you know that you need to start listening to your heart and following your intuition? Then you have to check out this online event. I’m teaming up with 29 other incredible experts who will be teaching you practices and tools to help you create your ideal life in, “Elite Life Mastery Secrets: Unleash Your Intuition, Reclaim Your Power and Take Charge of Your Life!” hosted by my friend, Natalie Rose.

At this Event, you’ll learn to:

  • Deeply access your powerful intuitive guidance
  • Know in your heart you are on the right path
  • Take inspired action with ease
  • Live a life of deep meaning and profound joy
  • And MORE!!

This event launches on September 19th, but you can sign up now – Click http://thejoygenerator.com/Katrina-Sawa if you’re ready to get more out of life!


Talk you to again soon!



Katrina Sawa

The Jumpstart Your Biz Coach, Speaker &

Author of the book, Love Yourself Successful



“Kicking YOU and YOUR Business Into High Gear Making a LOT More MONEY Doing What
You LOVE!”

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Remember, if you need help with the technical side of things, I have a tech team available to assist you. Go to: JumpStartYourTechyServices.com


P.P.S. Are You Frustrated, Overwhelmed or Feeling Stuck in Your Business Trying to Figure Out How to Get More Clients, Get More Exposure or Make More Money?  Then GET READY to JumpStart your business in a BIG WAY?  Join me at my Love & Money Live, 3-Day Event in Sacramento, CA – November 3, 4, & 5 2016!  Details & registration at www.LoveandMoneyLive.com .

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Wondering why the marketing that YOU ARE DOING is NOT WORKING? It really could be the words you’re using, they just might not be hitting the mark with your prospects.

I did a speaking presentation on this topic a couple weeks ago and wanted to share the highlights with you on why it’s so important to figure out and use the RIGHT WORDS in all of your marketing, networking schpeels, website copy, follow up, flyers, business cards and more.

Learn more on this video on how to use the best words in marketing, then take some sort of action to get help with this if this is something that you know can help you improve your business and make a lot more money.

I offered a 2 hour business and marketing planning call for just $197 on this call, listen in and hear how to take advantage of that.

I also talked about attending one of my live events – I have one in Nov 2015 but will be doing about 4 of them also next year, 2016, so you can find out when the next one is here: www.LiveBigEvents.com

My live events are always a ton of fun AND a lot of attendees MAKE MONEY at them too (I show you how!) 

Talk to you soon!


Katrina Sawa  
The JumpStart Your Biz Coach
(916) 872-4000



“Marketing Secrets that I’ve heard from no one else…”

WendyVineyardsm“I’ve taken many online and in-person marketing workshops, seminars and coaching over the years so I recognize when a trainer’s primary motivation comes from a genuine desire to help others vs. satisfying their ego or their bank account. Katrina Sawa is the real deal! Marketing secrets that I’ve heard from no one else, and practical spot-on, step-by-step advice flows from her like it’s channeled from a higher power! And Katrina doesn’t hold back. She generously shares all she has with her customers. As someone whose marketing was hit and miss, at best, until I found Katrina, I’m loyal to her for her honest insights and genuine desire to help me bring my gifts to the world. She has inspired me to believe in myself and my mission, think bigger, create my marketing plan, focus on specific revenue generating activities every day and start building a team to help me grow my business. Thank you Katrina!” – Wendy Vineyard, Your Coach for Mastering Menopause…and More! NaturalMenopauseNow.com.

Connect With Me Online:

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You’re invited to the free teleclass on Online Marketing Secrets June 30th with Katrina Sawa and Michelle Hoglan:

How to Make People Want What You’ve Got When They See You Online”

Free Teleclass, Tuesday, June 30th 4 pm PST – REGISTER NOW!

The top questions from small business owners right now are “How do I find clients” and “How can I make more money?” and how can I do all of this online without spending a whole lot of money on marketing?

So, how do you do it? How do you continuously attract and find new clients online, build a sustainable business and loyal following so that leads, sales and referrals come in on a consistent basis, every month?

The answer is that “you have to have the right systems set up and strategies in place to create a successful business”. You can’t just be throwing darts at new ideas and things you hear about doing every other week. That’s called hap-hazzard marketing not target marketing.

OnlineMarketingImageSystems and strategies to:

  • Generate more consistent leads and referrals
  • Be everywhere with lots of exposure on your business
  • Engage and interact often with prospects, clients and referral sources
  • Propel your business with expert status and reviews online
  • Follow up like crazy to nurture and educate
  • Compel clients to take action
  • Urge prospects to work with you now, instead of putting it off for “someday”
  • Automate, delegate and systematize each marketing action you take so you can do less and get more results

But where do you start?

Find out on this ONE-TIME TRAINING with two online marketing experts for entrepreneurs, Katrina Sawa and Michelle Hoglan. (recording available if you can’t make it live).


Register Today 



Michelle Hoglan, Top Hat Creative Marketing


Katrina Sawa

Your Love & Money Mentor, Speaker &
Author of the book, Love Yourself Successful
“Helping You Get More LOVE In Your Life & MONEY In Your Business!”


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You’re invited to the free teleclass on Effective Copywriting June 10th with Katrina Sawa and Tammi Metzler:

“How to Choose Just the Right Words to Craft Marketing that Inspires Clients to Eagerly Say “YES!” Your Products and Services”

The top questions from small business owners right now are “How do I find clients” and “How can I make more money?”

So, how do you do it?  How do you continuously attract and find new clients, build the business that excites you and make more money … all at the same time?

The answer is that “you have to have the right words”.

The right words to:

  • Compel clients to take action
  • Entice them to want more of what you have to offer
  • Urge them to work with you now, instead of putting it off for “someday”
  • Hit their most critical pain points so they’re primed for the relief only you can bring
  • Inspire a buying frenzy as folks eagerly whip out their credit cards
  • Leave folks fired up to work with you because they feel like you get them
  • Power up each marketing action you take so you can do less and get more results

But where do you put those words or what do you do with them?

Find out on this ONE-TIME TRAINING (recording available if you can’t make it live).


Register Today 


Katrina Sawa

Your Love & Money Mentor, Speaker &
Author of the book, Love Yourself Successful
“Helping You Get More LOVE In Your Life & MONEY In Your Business!”
P.S.  Have you seen what I’m offering in my Live Big Mastermind for 2015? If not and you’re searching for a mentor, mastermind group or support this year, I highly recommend you see what the buzz is about at www.LiveBigMastermind.com


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If your website is NOT bringing you lots of quality leads EVERY MONTH, then you may want some advice on how to FIX it so your site does it’s job. Your website should be designed, written and positioned to bring in leads and convert them successfully into paying customers consistently every month.

Just because you have a website doesn’t mean people know it’s there – you have to market it. And just because people come to your website, doesn’t mean people will buy, contact you or sign up for anything – most of the time, they won’t.


The TOP 3 THINGS to Look For On Your Website Are:

  1. Does my website speak directly to my ideal target client within 3 seconds of them landing on my site? Seriously? Whatever they were searching for or have problems with or needing solutions for has to be so visible and obvious and stand out like a sore thumb when they land on your site. You can’t make them read paragraphs of information before they know if they’re on the right site or not; they won’t do that. They won’t call you either the first time they land on your site, you have to get them to engage immediately with video, forms, and other interactive functionality and headlines, etc.
  2. Do I ask visitors to take action on EVERY page of my website for something I want them to do? You have to invite them to engage with you, sign up for something, send in information, buy something, etc. If you don’t ASK them or entice them on the pages they won’t take action, plain and simple.
  3. Do I have a clear and easy way for someone to get FREE information or resources IMMEDIATELY when they land on my site? On ANY page of my site? Building a list of interested prospects should be your #1 goal of your website. Most websites I look at do not do this effectively.

Go watch this video I recorded recently that shares a few key things that your website should have on it, do and more. CLICK HERE TO WATCH OR CLICK THE VIDEO IMAGE NOW.

Find out how to Jumpstart Your Website fast and affordably on this video now and stop wasting valuable time!

There are 2 ways I can help you FIX your website and fast!

  1. Join me in my next Jumpstart Your Website Webinar happening Monday, March 25 from 12-2 pm PST. I only take 10 business owners on this webinar because there is a little bit of training involved during the two hours but most of the time is seriously devoted to talking out changes to each participant’s site on the spot on the phone. This is priceless information that you can’t get access to often. I give you the sales and marketing strategy side of what needs to happen with your site to get more consistent leads and paying customers. Find out more about this webinar at https://www.jumpstartyourmarketing.com/websitewebinar.
  2. The second way is to work with me one-on-one to help you update your site. On a 1 hour+ recorded call with me, we will talk out all the necessary changes or pages to add, copy to fix, functionality to add, and so much more. You can take that recording back to your web designer if you want or I have people who can make the recommended changes also if need be. For info on this option, go to http://www.JumpstartYourWebsite.net.

I look forward to helping you grow your business to its full extent this year!

Let me know if you have any questions, post a comment below or contact me today!

Katrina Sawa
The JumpStart Your Biz Coach
“Kicking YOU and YOUR Business Into High Gear!”P.S.  Get your FREE Entrepreneur’s Success Kit plus a couple other Free Gifts online at www.JumpStartYourMarketing.com/gifts
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