While doing my planning for the New Year, I added to my list of the ways YOU can work with me to Jumpstart Your Business!  And for your convenience, I’ve summarized them as follows:

2 Part Business Planning Webinar

Are you ready for the New Year? What I mean is, are you Planning what products and services you’ll offer in 2019?  What about the business conferences you plan to attend or the events you plan to host?

Here’s my initial process if you want to try this for yourself.  I start with the same question I ask ALL of my Live Big Mastermind members and 1on1 Coaching clients:

  •  What am I selling? or what do I want to sell and focus on selling next year?
  •  What will people want AND how do I want to be in service (or provide my expertise)?

From there, I plot those income streams and business models out. Then, based on my reality and stretch money goals, I forecast how many or what amount of each I would sell and what that would equal revenue wise for the year.

I’ve also recently guided my Live Big Mastermind clients through a planning process that they LOVED. So I’ve created a way to share this process with YOU.

It’s my 2-Part BIG PICTURE BUSINESS PLANNING Webinar. This training consists of 2 Webinar sessions starting tomorrow, Weds, Nov 7th. The second session will be on Weds, Nov 14th. Both sessions start at 9am PST.

You’ll get 2-3 hours of my head on your business in these laser-focused trainings. The sessions will be recorded so you won’t miss anything. But I highly recommend that you come to the Webinars, if you can. You’ll love the price of just $57 for this too! Register TODAY at Jumpstartyourmarketing.com/coaching-bizplanwebinar and be ready to jump into the first session on Weds, Nov 7th!

I also have some new ideas up my sleeve for next year as well as a few tried and true that I love doing.

I’m adding VIP 1on1 Days for those of you who want to get stuff done quickly and not stretch out the coaching and learning or implementing to 3, 6 or 12 months. This is for those of you who want to get it done ASAP!  This is how I like to invest my time with my mentors – 1on1 and FAST, in and out whether it’s in person or via zoom/phone. And because I like to do it this way, I’m betting that there’s a few of you who like to learn and get stuff done this way too.

I’m kicking this offering off this winter and doing something I’ve not done before in my 16 years in business. It’s my “End of Year/ New Year VIP Planning Frenzy”.

I’ve selected 10 days between Thanksgiving and mid-January to do these VIP 1on1 Days – JUST 10 DAYS!  DO YOU WANT ONE?

What if I told you they were only ONE THIRD OF THE PRICE on these specific 10 days that I’ve selected. (Take it as my holiday gift to you!)

If you would like to be considered for one of them, please fill out the quick little form and tell me your big hairy goal(s) are for 2019. Tell me which date you want from this list of dates given and I’ll be in touch with a quick phone call. Just Click on THE WORDS “COUNT ME IN” .

If you decide NOT to do it after talking with me or hearing the investment, there’s no obligation just because you’ve filled out the form stating you’re interested. I’m not publishing the investment cost on purpose. Why? Because I’m trying to PUSH those of you who already “THINK YOU CAN’T AFFORD IT” to get outside of your comfort zone and just see what’s possible for you AND ASK. Just ask… what have you got to lose? You will be glad you did!

If you don’t ask, you don’t receive. If you don’t find out, you never know. If you don’t take action, you never get where you want to go!

So Stop Sabotaging Yourself with these limiting beliefs before you have all the facts or you’re definitely NOT going to reach your goals this year or next. Go Fill Out the Form – these VIP 1on1 Days won’t last long!

Now, here are some other ways you can get support from me before the end of 2018:

There are still 2 Friday 2-Hour Zoom Masterclasses you can attend this year ($79 each), Nov 30 and Dec 14. Those will be going away in 2019 as they are now.  Click here to Register.

There is one more,  1 day Techy Hands-On Workshop on Dec 13th. ($397 to work with me and a very small group for an entire day on your website, social media, videos, email marketing and more.)  Click here to Register for Jumpstart Your Biz Online.

Another option is you could do one or two 1on1 Planning Calls with me of course… at $350 each.

And of course I opened enrollment for my Live Big Mastermind this week again for this coming year!  If you’re looking for a mastermind to join, you definitely want to take a look at mine if you want to work on the following this year and get accountability to get it all done.  We focus on areas like:

  1.  Consistent revenue coming from your consistent marketing and lead generation activities
  2.  Consistent revenue coming from your speaking opportunities – online or in person
  3.  Consistent revenue coming from your website traffic and online offerings
  4.  Developing your leveraged programs, products, events and more
  5.  Developing online funnels, memberships, groups and community
  6.  Hiring and utilizing a team or more technology and systems so you can reach more people and get more done without working so hard
  7.  Getting rid of that head trash and toxic people that keep you stuck
  8.  Getting a book done, corporate gigs, new website, better branding and so much more!

Click here to go look at the benefits of the Live Big Mastermind and fill out the form on that page if you want to talk with me about it.

Here’s to creating and enjoying a life full of lots of LOVE & MONEY!!

katrina sawa

Katrina Sawa

The Jumpstart Your Biz Coach, Speaker &

Author of the book, Love Yourself Successful



“Showing You HOW to Make a LOT More Money Doing What You Love!”


PS: Learn HOW & WHAT to do to get your business more online marketing friendly & up to date so you can be found more and grow your business at my Jumpstart Your Biz Online Live Event on Dec 13th, 2018!   This will be a hands-on workshop where you bring your laptops, passwords and we get into your website, social sites, email marketing, shopping carts, updating them all and making it all more efficient and smooth-running and more!

Registration is now open: Go to:  www.jumpstartyourbizonline.com to get more details and register NOW!

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I’m traveling so much this year that I’ve decided to do something I’ve never done before…

I’m going to be setting up a few very limited 1/2 day Intensives with me when I travel to places – this is going to be great because no cost for you to travel to me or to pay for me to come to you AND we get to meet and brainstorm/plan in person instead of just over the phone.

So if any of you are interested in a 1/2 Day Intensive with me I need to know NOW because I’m booking my trips in advance. Email my Business Manager Cindy ASAP at mailto:cindy@jumpstartyourmarketing.com


 What I can tell you is that whoever does one of these with me is NOT going to pay the regular price listed on my website. I can also tell you that you’ll probably also get a bunch of bonuses because you decided to take action and took that leap of faith that is so crucial in today’s economy especially.
This isn’t going to have a website or sales page or preview call to fill; it’s simply going to mentioned in a few ezines and emails and for those of you reading, you get request one first (remember, you snooze, you lose!).

I know there’s a handful of you who’ve been wanting to do something like this with me and waiting for the perfect opportunity – and this is it!

So, here are the cities I do plan on being in for sure (or I say possibly) and the approximate dates, am I coming to you?
  • Las Vegas, NV – Feb 4-8
  • San Diego, CA – Feb 24-27
  • LA, CA – Apr 30 – May 3
  • San Diego, CA – May 12-18
  • Possibly Washington DC or Vegas – June 8-14
  • Possibly Orlando, FL – June 17-28
  • Dallas, TX – July 12-19
  • San Diego, CA – Aug 14-22
  • Possibly San Franciso, CA – Sept 14-20
  • Possibly Las Vegas, NV – Oct 13-17
  • San Diego, CA – Oct 20-25

And if anyone lives in Mexico or Hawaii that wants a 1/2 day or full day…I will plan a trip to come see you! Hee hee

For now if you’re interested, all you need to do is apply for a session (I do like to make sure it’s a good fit).

Since this 1/2 day isn’t on the website, just go ahead and fill out an application for my full day at www.jumpstartyourmarketing.com/vipday and mention on there that you’re interested in a 1/2 day, where and when and I’ll get back to you and discuss your options and payment at that time. I do want that application first though so I know you’re serious. Thanks!


If you don’t want to be left out on future special announcements be sure to sign up for my weekly ezine.  You can just sign up right here on my blog, just input your name and email address in the box on the top of this page under the Free Entrepreneur’s Success Kit section.  When you sign up for my newsletter you will also get 2 free bonus items. You will get a free report, “The 21 Mistakes Most Entrepreneurs Make When Building or Growing Your Business and How to Avoid Them!” and a free audio “The 3 Keys to Transforming Your Business to Fit Your Lifestyle”

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I recorded a quick video about the 5 Steps on How to Plan Ahead to Make Next Year Your Best Year Ever!

Watch the video now, click this link!


Oh, and MARK YOUR CALENDARS!!! On Thursday, January 7th at 5:00 pm PST I will be holding my annual JumpStart Your Business FREE Teleclass!! The topic of this call is: JumpStart Your Business in 2010!….Plain and simple.

Want to find out:

• What types of marketing is WORKING and what is NOT right now?
• What your web presence is saying about you and why you should care?
• Which business models are best for YOUR desired lifestyle and income?
• How to put together a clear, focused ACTION PLAN that will bring you more results than ever?
• Finally how to MONETIZE your passions, ideas and your business so it works for you instead of YOU always working so hard?
• 3 ways you can stay motivated and hold yourself accountable to get stuff done
• What other forms of revenue streams would be good compliments to your current business structure?

To Join the Call: All you need to do is watch for the next blog I post about it with the registration link.

Have a great week! Happy Holidays!!

Remember for the rest of this month….I’m offering my VIP Day with Me for 50% OFF! Go to www.JumpStartYourMarketing.com/vipday to fill out your application now (I only do this by application, you have to really be ready to ROCK & ROLL!).

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