This week I’m in a whirlwind of radio interviews, webcasts, live events, did you see them all? Check out the Where’s Kat section below my pic and join me for more coming up!

Speaking of which, did you hear the teleclass I did on Monday with my friend Jane Deuber? The replay is still available but only through this Friday. It was a great call for those of you who need to not only convert more prospects into paying customers on calls and stuff but for those who need to make more appointments and calls in the first place! Click here to listen in!

Jane’s got a really cool techy tool called her Value Quiz, that got me going on this topic this week too all about techy tools. It’s fascinating how much you can get done with the right technology in place in your business, your marketing, your website and in general.

After our call on Monday I attended a SpeakerChat with the Women Speakers Association on Tuesday all about podcasts (another techy tool!).

Podcasts have always been something I’d “get to when I have time” (maybe you can relate?). But this speaker who chatted with us online that day reminded me how easy it was to create podcasts of stuff I already had! Genius! And a BIG DUH for me I must say.

So that prompted this video today – don’t be scared if you’re not a techy or not too tech savvy, it’s ok, trust me, YOU WANT TO KNOW HOW THIS STUFF CAN HELP YOU GROW YOUR BUSINESS AND STOP WORKING SO HARD!! (Yes, I’m yelling at you, can you hear me? Stop working so hard!)

So, here you go, watch it and hopefully be inspired to do something to get your business up to speed.

   CLICK HERE For Today’s Video! 

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