Do you realize that if you go too long without making time for a vacation then you could burn out, get resentful or worse…get divorced!?

So many business owners and entrepreneurs are working way too hard and not taking enough time off or taking vacations even.

Kat and family on vacationWe just got back from week long vacation in San Diego and no one died and nothing bad happened in my business or with any of my clients. You can do this…I was even totally UNPLUGGED!
This picture is of us at the Hotel Del Coronado; my mom was able to join us on this trip too. We didn’t take a whole lot of pictures though as most of the time it was bathing suit attire LOL.
I highly recommend taking a week off at least once or twice a year though; it does a lot for your motivation and your soul both.
  • Maybe you think you can’t afford to take a vacation?
  • Maybe you think a vacation has to look a certain way and haven’t considered other ways of taking time off and getting UNPLUGGED?

Either way, it’s true, you could do yourself and your relationships some real damage if you don’t figure out a way to stop working all the time (I know many of you are) and take time out for yourself and your family.

Did you take a vacation yet this year? If not….WHY???

  • Are you too busy?
  • Are you not making enough money and feel like you just have to keep on working and working to make more first?

Well STOP IT! Take a vacation will ya?!

It will do you good, it will do your loved ones good and it will do your soul good….it’s worth it.

And you can do an inexpensive vacation, the price doesn’t matter, it’s the time off UNPLUGGED THAT DOES!

Watch my video today for a couple quick tips….on the day after my most recent vacation. 😉

Here are a few inexpensive types of vacations you could take (for those where money is an obstacle):

  1. Camping – I can’t say that I love camping but I do enjoy it. I need some basic necessities however, I can’t just go with a tent and a duffle bag or hiking and stuff….but camp sites aren’t that much depending on the time of year. All you need is really food to go with it which you’d be eating anyway right?
  2. Visiting family – I realize some of you would love this but others of you don’t consider this a “vacation”; however it is time away and you’d have a place to stay to save money! Plus you’ll win points with your family too and may not have to attempt another visit in a long while or now it would be their turn!
  3. A Staycation – Yes that means staying home but then you could do fun trips to the neighborhood pool, parks, lake, have a picnic, go to the ocean if it’s nearby or the mountains, go hiking, biking and more. Just remember to truly UNPLUG and not work if you’re taking this time off.

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Talk you to soon!



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I’m BACK!  Whoo-hoo! It’s so awesome what a real vacation does for you. I came back all relaxed, rejuvenated, TAN and raring to go!

Cancun was so relaxing and not scary at all like a few friends on Facebook warned me about. We were in the resort area with hotels, trendy restaurants and nightclubs….no guns or freaks.  I didn’t expect any but so many people said stuff!

kat and kim
Kat and Kim – First Nigh

It was an interesting experience however….I remember vacationing for spring break in my 20’s down in Mexico (Mazatlan, Puerto Vallarta) and South Padre Island way back when.  Back then we woke up late, laid out and drank all day and then partied and danced all night long (and I mean ALL night long)!



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Ok, so I’ve been lagging on posting some things about my personal life on my blog and I want to update you on some fun stuff I’ve been doing!

First of all, all the pictures for each of these are posted on my Facebook page and you can look me up by going to –

So, in February, my boyfriend Scott and I took a pre-Valentine’s Day mini-vacation in Bodega Bay where we enjoyed the ocean, great clam chowder, roaring fires, massages and fun, steamy bubble baths! Can I get a whoo hoo! While we were there, one of my dear friends and clients Ankya Klay came out to give us one of her ‘Transformational Photography Sessions’. Here is a couple pictures she shot, see the rest on my facebook.

In March, I attended one of my mentors, David Neagle’s Experience the Reality of Success event in Vegas again for the 3rd time. Yes, it’s THAT GOOD. Scott actually came with me even though he doesn’t own his own business. He wanted to see more about what I did, who I interacted with and what manifesting and your life purpose was all about! Little did he know that he would learn sooooo much about his own purpose, his own desires and we came home such a huge ball of love and support for one another, it was fabulous. Here’s a pic of us and others including Ivanka Trump at ERS!

In April, I attended my good friend Fabienne Fredrickson’s Marketing and Mindset Breakthroughs Workshop in LA. I went to support Fabienne as we were mastermind buddies when we coached with David last year and I got so many great ideas for my own event this coming November plus a few key things to introduce in my business too! Here’s a pic of me at the Ritz!

Then immediately following Fabienne’s event, Scott came down to join me and we were off to Disneyland! One of Scott’s daughters was dancing in the parade and on stage at Disneyland and Ca Adventure that weekend so we went to watch and support her – boy did we overdo it! We were exhausted after 3 days of Mickey and the gang! Here’s a couple cute pics we took!

Next I’m off to Baeth Davis’ Life Purpose Spirituality Summit back in Vegas in June and I can’t wait! I am so focused and totally ‘in my zone’ now that I’ve nailed down my own life purpose. If you haven’t discovered or truly embraced your own purpose, I highly suggest you join me June 4-7 in Vegas too – go to to get all the info!

I’ll keep you posted…..have a great week!

— Kat Out

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What’s Up With Kat?

And…..guess what….I’m on the road again….OMG!

Yep, this week I’m in sunny Orlando with my honey “meeting the parents”! We will probably make a stop off and see Mickey and Minnie too while we’re here – I’m a big kid at heart and LOVE Disneyland and all the rides at theme parks, etc.
Kat Out.