I know lots of people suggest you should be blogging if you’re not already, right? They also say you should post something on your blog at least 3 times a week, right?

blog bloggingIt is a really great strategy to use in your marketing but it’s ONLY ONE of the tens of strategies you really SHOULD be doing every month. You just need to find the easiest way to do more of them faster or in more of an automated way.

So here are some things you’ll want to know about blogging whether you’re doing it or not and then I’m happy to share with you too later on how to automate it more so it’s not taking too much of your time. Because the reality is that just the act of blogging alone won’t really bring in a lot of clients.

You have to have your blogging woven in and out of multiple marketing strategies, your website, follow up, social media and more in order for it to work as an income generator.

It does do many things for you however regardless, such as:

  • #1. You will engage your readers and prospects into conversations and action.
  • #2. You will build a community of followers, fans and supporters.
  • #3. You will be in more places at one time expanding your reach globally.
  • #4. You will prove yourself as an expert.
  • #5. You will reach people who don’t want to receive your emails perhaps; some people don’t want to read emails and newsletters, they prefer to read quick blog posts.
  • #6. You will increase your sales as more people read your articles and learn to like and trust you.
  • #7. You can manage it easily and quickly if you have the right systems in place!

What do you need to do though ON your blog to make sure it’s successful?

  • You must have an opt in box in addition to blog subscription option;
  • You should allow comments to encourage reader interaction;
  • You should have videos of yourself for more interaction;
  • You could highlight one of your products or services to get them to click over to your site and for more info;
  • You can put all kinds of ‘widgets’ on your blog to attract more attention, provide more interaction and even build a revenue stream.

How to know what to post and say on your blog to keep the content fresh?

–>> Watch my emails and my blog posts; I share tips all the time about content generation!

In the meantime, this is just ONE of the hundreds of things you could be doing to attract more clients and generate more income for yourself so don’t get too caught up with the management of it on a day to day basis, just get something going for now and be relatively active to start.

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Whether you’ve already started recording video and using videos in the marketing of your business or not, there are a few key things you may want to make sure you’re doing in order to maximize your exposure and time.

Video is highly searchable by the search engines online and it’s becoming one of the hottest ways for someone to experience you. It’s not going away so you want to start embracing it!

The top 4 reasons you want to start doing more video if you aren’t yet are:

  1. People get to experience you on a more personal basis without you having to be there with them.
  2. You can share more of your content that attracts prospects anytime you want and it can literally be seen by anyone anywhere in the world!
  3. Having videos gives you more of an edge over your competition and establishes you more of an expert in your industry.
  4. You can develop paid trainings people can buy online while you sleep!

How to shoot videos:

  1. Buy a webcam or flip camera or use the one on your desktop or laptop to get started.
  2. Get in a room with good lighting and an aesthetically pleasing background
  3. Put on extra makeup for the camera
  4. Have someone hold the camera or set it up with stand if using a portable one
  5. Turn on record and talk – its that simple!
  6. Download to your computer or save
  7. Open an account on YouTube.com
  8. Upload your videos, weekly if possible to YouTube – adding keywords and a written description of what you’re talking about with link to a web page on your website to find out more
  9. Make sure your YouTube account is set up to automatically feed into your social networks using an RSS feed so it gets repurposed in multiple places

What NOT to worry about when doing videos:

  • When you’re just starting out, don’t pay a lot of money to get videos done, get your groove first for free then pay for a professional video on your website when “you’re ready” to really shine and you have a good call to action and script.
  • What you look like or sound like – no one is as critical as you will be.
  • Buying expensive audio or video equipment. Do what I suggest above for creating your videos for free first. Then when you get your groove or have more of a concrete strategy you can buy upgraded equipment.

Quick outline of what to say in promotional videos:

  • Quick introduction – your name, title, business and website url plus what you’re going to share (i.e. quick biz tip or similar)
  • Content or tip – share something useful, helpful or interesting in a minute or two if you can
  • Close with a call to action – what do you want them to do? Go sign up on your website for information, call you, register for an event or teleclass?

Don’t worry about what you look like. Be personal, memorable and vulnerable. Encourage interaction with your audience and you will build followers. You can do this!



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