Catch this Facebook Live with me and my friend PeggyLee Hanson! PeggyLee is one of the speakers at my 2019 Speaker Success Bootcamp this week. On this video we are sharing all about book publishing, being an author, compilation books, speaking… it’s all so vital to being a true expert in your industry!
Get tips for what to write, how to publish and Kindle publishing needs!
One thing we talked a lot about is the FORMATTING of your ebook or print book.

Formatting your book or ebook correctly is absolutely vital to having it read or purchased and especially to getting RAVE REVIEWS!

No reader likes a poorly formatted book or one that’s hard to navigate without easy online click to chapter links for example with ebooks.
The visual experience of your book is something to spend a little time and money on for sure.

Here are a few formatting tips for ebooks:

  1. Make the content easy to read, meaning use words most people use and write like you talk perhaps
  2. Put bulletpoints in and paragraph breaks often so it’s not just paragraph after paragraph of content
  3. Make it easy to click to each chapter from within the Table of Contents
  4. Be careful adding too many pictures, it will make your file very large and not as easily downloadable for users, most ebook readers prefer text only
  5. Add links to pages in your website for easy clicking and opting in for free stuff!
Here are a few formatting tips for print books:
  1. Have enough white space so the text isn’t all crunched together please, that’s just annoying
  2. Have easy to scan copy with lots of smaller paragraphs just like in the ebooks, bulletpoints, numbers perhaps if you’re sharing steps to something and even pictures I think. 
  3. Pictures will add pages to your book if you haven’t written something very long or if you want to spread out the copy a bit. Be careful using pictures that are only good if used in color, color is VERY EXPENSIVE to print in a book! Think about adding a color version to your book on your website perhaps if the pictures really are better in color, then you can link to it from your chapters and also hopefully get people on your email list!
  4. Please remember to drive people to your website whatever you do… add in things perhaps like “Action Steps” at the end of each chapter, or a “Book Resources Download Page” for audios, video content and more. 
  5. Use a header and footer for your pages, it can change for left or right sided pages also so you can alternate what’s on those, but use that space to include your business name, website or title of your book even. 
Want to become an author easier too in 2019? Contact either PeggyLee or myself to help you write your own book OR Check out both of our compilation book opportunities and let US do the work for you in getting published in the next year or so…
PeggyLee’s Courage Under Siege book and free writing guide:
Katrina’s Jumpstart Your _____ book:

katrina sawa

Katrina Sawa

The Jumpstart Your Biz Coach, Speaker &

Author of the book, Love Yourself Successful


“Showing You HOW to Make a LOT More Money Doing What You Love!

I just did a talk in Washington D.C. last week all about Successful Video Marketing. I shared some shocking video statistics and gave some really tangible ways for the audience to create videos easily and quickly and WHICH KINDS OF VIDEO to do also. 

So when I returned, I decided to do a Facebook Live for those of you following me all about video marketing as well… did you catch it? If not I’ve linked it on my blog this week and you can catch it here.

My friend Marcia O’Malley and I were sharing tips on how to become a lot more successful in your business by using video in various ways to attract clients, share your message, make offers, engage followers and educate clients.


1. Provide Education & Training

2. Increase Efficiency & Productivity

3. Communicate with Customers

4. Deliver Content or Instruction

5. Increase Sales

6. Expand Your Reach

There are so many ways video can enhance what you’re doing in your business and enhance your customer’s experience.


1. Raw & Uncut

2. Produced & Edited

3. Promotional

4. Testimonials

5. FAQ / About

6. For Profit

7. Content / Social


Then reach out and let’s chat!! I can support you around a LOT more than just marketing and business stuff you know. I help with the ENTIRE JOURNEY. I’ll do a FREE Call with you this month… just answer the questions here to get started. XOXO

–>>> Comment and share what YOU do to maximize YOUR video marketing too!

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katrina sawa

Katrina Sawa

The Jumpstart Your Biz Coach, Speaker &

Author of the book, Love Yourself Successful


“Showing You HOW to Make a LOT More Money Doing What You Love!

Why should you do more video in your business?

 Well… here’s a few reasons:

  1.  It’s basically a free marketing strategy. Yes, you could pay a videographer or video editor to produce or complete your videos but you sure don’t have to in most cases.
  2. YouTube is one of the largest search engines on the Internet now and you need to be there.
  3. It’s faster to explain something complicated or complex on your website or with customers.
  4. It’s easier and faster to get to the point of your message so you can keep the attention of your visitors, followers, subscribers or customers.
  5. Oh and…. 85% of the US internet audience watches videos online.

I find that more people will watch and respond to my videos on Facebook for example than read or respond to most of my business-oriented posts.

What kinds of videos can you do?

Here’s a list of what I do and/or am planning to do more of:

  • Tips regarding something in your business for social media posts, YouTube, your blog and emails
  • Sales pitches for landing pages, sales pages, emails and more
  • Tutorial videos to explain something more in depth on your website or wherever
  • Curriculum videos for a paid program
  • Facebook live videos – these would be different than the tips or other videos above that you might also post on Facebook or related sites. These will get the most views since they lie right on Facebook:
    • Now you have Live video available on YouTube, LinkedIn and Instagram too
  • Speaker videos – record everything you do, virtual or in person
    • Videos of you speaking on stage at any event
    • Speaker Sizzle Reel
    • Speaker Introduction Video
    • Speaker Media Reel
  • Testimonial videos – of you giving kudos to someone else or a program, etc. or of your customers giving testimonials for you

Now, I know what you’re saying… That’s great and all, Katrina, but I just don’t know how to get started or what to do. I’m not that techy and I really don’t know what to say.

3 Steps to Using Video Marketing to Grow Your Business:

  1.  Just press record – you have to just start by trying it out. Open the webcam on your computer for starters and just press record and start messing around with your intro and a few key points you might want to make. Then you can graduate to recording something more specific and/or doing Facebook Live videos. The key is to just get started.
  2. Repurpose your videos everywhere – this means make sure you make the most of all the content you record. You can transcribe your videos for a written blog post, email, ebook or article. You can post your videos on YouTube, your website, your blog, link inside an email, post to your social sites and more.
  3. Monetize your videos – this is when you start getting serious about making sure that your videos drive traffic to your website, blog, landing pages, free gift opt in pages, sales pages, calls with you and even click to buy links directly from the video itself. There is a whole lot to know on how to maximize your videos including using keyword research, positioning, script writing, SEO and more.

I hope you still aren’t planning on waiting to do more video if you’re already recording them now or waiting to just get started. I’d hate to see you get left in the Internet Dust by your competitors!

Video Marketing isn’t going away so please start embracing it now. I promise if you do just a few of the things I mentioned here you’ll get more response in your marketing for your business.

Come talk with me in a complimentary business strategy session and let’s discuss video marketing, your business’ marketing, your systems or sales processes!  We’ll see what we can do about getting you on track for having your best year ever!  Go to now and sign up and I’ll talk to you soon!

Talk to you again soon!

katrina sawa

Katrina Sawa

The Jumpstart Your Biz Coach, Speaker &

Author of the book, Love Yourself Successful


“Showing You HOW to Make a LOT More Money Doing What You Love!

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I’m sharing tips today about how to do quick video tips for your business. They can be like the Video Biz Tips I share with you. Or your videos can be another income stream for you.

There are so many people in business who are NOT doing video yet and I’m urging you to get started NOW! It’s past time for you to embrace video. This post is definitely for you.

If you are already doing video in your business, these video biz tips may still be helpful to you because as you know, it’s not always easy to come up with things to talk about.

First of all, you need to get past the notion that you have to wait until you have everything in place and it’s just right. You can video, off the cuff. I regularly get many revenue producing ideas for myself, my clients, and my mastermind members. And, just the other day, I did a video to share some of the ideas I had while in the shower.

Video can be used to share info and tips. It can also be used as a revenue producing resource. If there is something you know or know how to do and you can teach others, why not record it on video and create a program or online course.

Video is an AMAZING resource. It’s free to use for marketing purposes – well it is right now.

Click the video below to hear more tips and ideas about “What to Share on YOUR Video Tips!”

Are you on my email list? I don’t send a lot of emails, but when I do send them, I share a couple of tips that I think you will be interested in. Make sure you get on my email list, if you’re not already, because I’ve created a new program that will be starting soon and I’ll be sharing the info to those who are paying attention to my emails. It’s an online course where you’ll learn a lot of revenue generating tips, most of them are online. You’ll learn how to reach more people without working so hard.

Go to Jumpstart Your and sign up for the FREE Biz Kit. You’ll get some great tips with that kit but you will also get access to sign up for these affordable programs when I launch them.

Looking forward to talking to you soon!


Katrina Sawa

The Jumpstart Your Biz Coach, Speaker &

Author of the book, Love Yourself Successful


“Showing You HOW to Make a LOT More Money Doing What You Love!”

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I know lots of people suggest you should be blogging if you’re not already, right? They also say you should post something on your blog at least 3 times a week, right?

blog bloggingIt is a really great strategy to use in your marketing but it’s ONLY ONE of the tens of strategies you really SHOULD be doing every month. You just need to find the easiest way to do more of them faster or in more of an automated way.

So here are some things you’ll want to know about blogging whether you’re doing it or not and then I’m happy to share with you too later on how to automate it more so it’s not taking too much of your time. Because the reality is that just the act of blogging alone won’t really bring in a lot of clients.

You have to have your blogging woven in and out of multiple marketing strategies, your website, follow up, social media and more in order for it to work as an income generator.

It does do many things for you however regardless, such as:

  • #1. You will engage your readers and prospects into conversations and action.
  • #2. You will build a community of followers, fans and supporters.
  • #3. You will be in more places at one time expanding your reach globally.
  • #4. You will prove yourself as an expert.
  • #5. You will reach people who don’t want to receive your emails perhaps; some people don’t want to read emails and newsletters, they prefer to read quick blog posts.
  • #6. You will increase your sales as more people read your articles and learn to like and trust you.
  • #7. You can manage it easily and quickly if you have the right systems in place!

What do you need to do though ON your blog to make sure it’s successful?

  • You must have an opt in box in addition to blog subscription option;
  • You should allow comments to encourage reader interaction;
  • You should have videos of yourself for more interaction;
  • You could highlight one of your products or services to get them to click over to your site and for more info;
  • You can put all kinds of ‘widgets’ on your blog to attract more attention, provide more interaction and even build a revenue stream.

How to know what to post and say on your blog to keep the content fresh?

–>> Watch my emails and my blog posts; I share tips all the time about content generation!

In the meantime, this is just ONE of the hundreds of things you could be doing to attract more clients and generate more income for yourself so don’t get too caught up with the management of it on a day to day basis, just get something going for now and be relatively active to start.

blog marketing If you are ready to get serious about your business and put a real marketing and business Action Plan into place and learn EXACTLY how all of these multiple marketing strategies will be implemented into your business either by you or someone you outsource to…. I highly encourage you to sign up to talk with me in one of my complimentary JumpStart Your Business Strategy Sessions!

These strategy sessions can really help you get more clarity and focus in your business so you can then turn around and become more profitable pretty quickly.

Find out how these work and how you can get one of these limited spots at

Oh and you don’t have to have your entire business already going yet, you just have to have the desire to have your own business or some ideas and I guarantee I can help pull it out of you!


Biz Quiz Button-TakeBizQuiz

I look forward to speaking to you soon!


Katrina Sawa

The Jumpstart Your Biz Coach, Speaker &

Author of the book, Love Yourself Successful


“Kicking YOU and YOUR Business Into High Gear Making a LOT More MONEY Doing What
You LOVE!”

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Why do you want to use more freebies and gifts in your marketing?

Because typically it will…

  • Attract new prospects to your list or your website
  • Get prospects interacting with your content, your website, yourself so they can trust and connect with you faster
  • Allow them to experience you on a deeper level to decide if they want to buy from you or take the next step

Here are a few examples of WHAT you could create:

  1. Free Report – talk about or teach the top 3 tips on something, 3 keys, 5 biggest mistakes, anything how-to oriented, all of them are good.
  2. Free Audio – like the one on this page, notice that I am giving you access to a free audio training I did a few years ago and you can do this too. RECORD EVERYTHING YOU DO! You never know when you can use it again, gift it or bonus it in a package. Same types of topics as above.
  3. Free Video or Video Series – Same as above but do it via video. Get yourself on camera to really connect deeper with the audience and your followers, video will make the biggest impact because they can see you. You can use a combination of powerpoint slides, photos, flip charts, music if you want, testimonials and of course yourself; I do recommend putting YOU on the video though for sure at some point.
  4. Free Drawing – for some of my clients such as photographers, salons and spas, network marketers and a few other types of businesses you could run a drawing each month only for new subscribers to your newsletter. They can have the chance to win a gift certificate, free product, special package of some sort or cash even. But make sure it’s NOT just the chance to get a discount on whatever it is that you’re selling, that’s not a “freebie”.
  5. Free Service – for my salon and spa clients often times we offer a free facial or free massage. If you’re in charge of booking the business and providing the service this works, if not and you have your stations rented of course this won’t work unless each therapist or stylist agrees. You just pick one winner each month from new subscribers.

I recorded this call a few years ago and it was part of a training I did to paying clients in one of my previous membership programs. So it’s in depth training content, not just a fluffy teleclass audio where I go into much more detail about all of these ideas and so much more!

—–>>>> Give Me Access to the Free Audio Training Now:  10 Ways to Convert New Prospects Using Freebies 

I wanted to offer this to anyone who is having trouble getting people to initially opt into their website or who needs to attract more people from in person events onto their list.

Freebies allow you to have something to give a new potential prospect so they can experience you another way – either usually in written form, audio or now video is becoming a very popular way to develop a freebie. You can also have a great next step in that free gift that could be paid or somehow will get them to engage further with you if they want to know more.

Most entrepreneurs need more than one freebie or free gift.

You may need many different ways and things you can offer or give to attract different types of prospects, talk about different topics or things they’re looking for and/or give them different ways to experience you – hence the audio, video or report. Some people want to read more, some want to watch, some want to listen. You do want to give people options or you’ll steer away those who aren’t interested in the ONE way you’ve given them.

In this audio I walk through 10 different ways to convert prospects using freebies in your marketing and your business. I also talk about what you could offer as a freebie, I give some examples that could give you ideas. (Oh and by the way….this blog post/audio an example of how to give a freebie!)

Here is the page to go to get free access to this audio training (you will be opting into my emails and newsletters too by the way, but I send a ton of great articles and videos to help you jumpstart your business in many ways, you’ll want this)…

—–>>>> Give Me Access to the Free Audio Training Now:  10 Ways to Convert New Prospects Using Freebies

In addition, this is one thing that I also work a lot with almost every single client who goes through any of my programs, live events or 1on1 coaching. I look at your website very carefully when we talk to find the holes and opportunities not only on your site and how to fix it to be more engaging and conversion friendly but we look at holes and opportunities throughout your entire business, your products/services, pricing, marketing, systems, team and so much more.

I would love to have a conversation with anyone reading this or listening to this freebie audio who knows you have holes and opportunities to fix and take advantage of in your business.

This is for you if you know there’s things missing in your marketing or you have no time to do anything about it and need to know the most efficient systems, processes and strategies to add, tweak, change or implement so that you can create a smoother-running, more profitable business for yourself doing what you love.

If this is you, sign up to talk with me for free now here:

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This event is more like an in depth training seminar for entrepreneurs who want to learn about everything they need to know to start, grow or jumpstart their business now.

I look forward to helping you jumpstart your business and your life this year!

Katrina Sawa

The JumpStart Your Biz Coach, Speaker &

Author of the book, Love Yourself Successful


“Kicking YOU and YOUR Business Into High Gear!”


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