Are you ready to discover how to FINALLY overcome those negative, limiting
subconscious beliefs around money and food so you can…

  • Feel confident about receiving what you’re worth AND boost your sales?
  • Attract more of your ‘ideal’ clients?
  • Charge what you’re worth AND have clients who are happy to pay your rates?
  • Have enough sales and ideal clients in your business to provide you with a very comfortable way of life?
  • And FINALLY get rid of your sabotaging, outdated and untrue beliefs surrounding money and food so you can move forward with your plans for your business and life NOW?

Then reserve your seat now for this FREE teleseminar called:

Be The Hottest Ticket In Town When You Squash Your Limiting (Subconscious) Beliefs !

On Thursday, January 29th at 1:00 pm PST, 2:00 pm MST, 3:00 pm CST, and 4:00 pm EST.

Go to to reserve your seat today!

Dynamic duo Nikkea B. Devida, the originator of the ACT™ (Accelerated Change Template) Subconscious Belief Change System and Linda Allred, The Bad Habit Breaker and Belief Change Certified Hypnotist Expert/Certified ACT™ Practitioner are teaming up to host this very special call where they will tell you how you can align for this hot New Year’s goal below!

 “I am the hottest ticket in town because I look great, feel great and I now have all the knowledge, love and support I need to make 6 figure income of $100,000+ per year charging what I’m worth in my business while making a positive global impact doing what I love that’s a full, authentic expression of my Divine Purpose, serving ideal clients I love with the people I love while taking impeccable care of myself and I now easily maintain my ideal weight.”


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Happy Valentines Day!!

I hope you’re doing something special with your sweetie tonight if you have one, if not something with really great friends. 😉

I wanted to send you a quick note today because as you know I believe that LOVE + MONEY = HAPPINESS. (If you didn’t know this, it’s in my book, Love Yourself Successful)

Therefore on this Valentine’s Day I wish you lots of LOVE!

But also an opportunity to learn how to make a bunch more MONEY!

I’m a featured expert on a NEW telesummit, a really great one to listen to and be a part of because it’s called:

==>> Make Money Online From Home Telesummit! <<==


It’s 18+ speakers who are running a very lucrative business partially online, some of us from home but all of us are utilizing the internet to our advantage.

Imagine being able to tap into the minds of people who are incredibly successful leaders at no additional cost. But what if you could literally extract exactly what you need to start, grow, and profit your online business the way you’ve always dreamed possible?


On this Make Money Online From Home Telesummit:

— Learn step-by-step methods how to start your own profitable online business that you can understand and implement –
even if you currently don’t have an online presence

— You’ll discover powerful business-building tactics as the experts reveal their newest online and social media marketing
tips and practical, real-world, proven examples

— Remove your internal blocks to success so you can stop sabotaging yourself and grow your business quickly

— Listen to real-life examples and stories of people who created incredibly successful freedom-based lifestyles of wealth and luxury after struggling for years

— Create a portable lifestyle where you work while enjoying your stay at luxury, five-star resorts

— Find a lucrative niche on the internet that matches your interests and skills


Here’s to creating and enjoying the business and life of your dreams with lots more LOVE & MONEY! Happy Valentine’s Day!
Katrina Sawa
The JumpStart Your Biz Coach
(916) 872-4000

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I’m the Guest Speaker on the NAOEM (National Association of Entrepreneur Moms) Expert Teleseminar on  Wednesday, June 15th, 2011 at 12noon PT.  (I am also proud to be a faculty member of this great association!)

My topic is “STOP Avoiding Your Follow Up!”

You must be an NAOEM member to access this call – but that’s no big deal…

Are you a smart, dynamic, powerful woman who wants to pursue her passion
and fulfill her soul?

At the National Association of Entrepreneur Moms, we understand you are also a mom – and that achieving balance between those you love and what you love doing is the key to success in ALL areas of your life!

Click here to find out how to join now!

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