Want to know the 5 Basic Things you need to Get Booked to Speak?

Most entrepreneurs and speakers do NOT have these 5 things ready to go and yet you want to get BOOKED to speak more!

You have to be more prepared to speak, not only with your talk and what you plan to say in your speech but in order to get booked in the first place.

I’m a speaker booker myself. I offer opportunities for people to speak at my live events, for my Love & Money Club membership program and teleclasses, for my Blabs and also the local Sacramento Speaker & Entrepreneur Network that I run on meetup.

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But the single biggest problem I see with being able to book someone for one of those slots is that they aren’t ready to be booked!

They don’t have what I need to be able to market and promote their appearance. This is not good. Are you leaving money on the table too because YOU aren’t ready?

Listen in to today’s video tip on the basics of what to have plus so much more that you need to prepare for, the 5 basic things I call it – even BEFORE YOU PREPARE YOUR TALK!


The 5 Basics to Get Booked to Speak

If you aren’t sure if what you have now to be prepared to speak is really all that you need or why you need to get more of this all in place, then you definitely want to attend my next event – Speaker Success Bootcamp April 2-3, 2016!

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SpeakerLogoDraft7The Speaker Success Bootcamp is all about monetizing everything to do with your speaking!

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Katrina Sawa

The JumpStart Your Biz Coach



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