Join me on Friday, September 6th in Roseville, CA for a workshop series that is ideal for Small Business Owners, Entrepreneurs and Independent Sales Professionals who want to build a more profitable business but not work so hard at it! 

Attendees will walk away with a better understanding of how to do the following in your business whether you have a business right now or you want to build one:

• Network and market strategically to maximize your time and ROI• Cultivate more and better relationships on all levels for higher revenues

• Strategically plan with more efficient strategies for growing your business with more ease and less overwhelm

• Systematize your online and social media marketing efforts to reach thousands of new prospects every month

• Follow up and market to your database with more concrete, proven and easy to implement strategies and systems in order to see more consistent sales and growth

• Get out of the overwhelm you’re in or guilt your feeding yourself and learn a way to actually get all your follow up done including what to say, send, write or call about.

• Learn ways to build and manage more quality relationships with clients, prospects, leads, referrals and everyone you come in contact to – online or off.

The biggest mistake small business owners do is you’re trying to do everything yourself yet you’re no where near marketing yourself enough to reach the amount of prospects you need to in order to reach your big goals.

Small business owners get distracted with so many ideas and options that you either do nothing or you do too many things at once but none of them very well. This presentation will teach you ONLY what you need to know NOW to start attracting clients and making money.

Then once you’ve got your business into a smooth-running, consistent income-generating machine you can implement additional strategies. But if you don’t at least do the basics of what works and what will bring you results then you’ll just be spinning your wheels over and over again not seeing the income you want (or deserve!) and you may use up all your original start-up capital to boot, then what? You may have to give up your dream of being an entrepreneur all together and go back and get a J.O.B.

Stop stressing about what to do and how to do it in your business so that you can pay your bills. Instead learn easy and proven business and marketing systems to start, grow, run and market your business that allows you to attract more of your ideal clients who will pay you exactly what you’re worth (if not more) right away. Feel more confident and know that what you’re doing will work and bring you results.

September 6th Topics to be Discussed: How to become a speaker, designing your signature talks and speaker marketing materials, selling from the stage in person or on the phone/webinars/teleclasses, how to get booked, email templates for communication, how to launch and market your speaking and other events or classes/programs online and offline, developing promo materials, flyers, being an exhibitor at events and how to monetize that, build your list, offer free giveaways, doing joint ventures and having others promote your events and classes or products and services.

This particular event will be a little bigger – it’s a very important topic AND I am bringing in a very SPECIAL GUEST – Jane Deuber is going to come in for this event to really help us dive into the sales conversations.

How to hold more of them as well as how to conduct them so that you convert more prospects into paying clients. I’m so excited to bring Jane in, she is a wealth of knowledge around sales systems, online systems and even using more and better technology to funnel more leads in through automated systems in your business and online. You know I LOVE SYSTEMS and don’t worry, this stuff is easy peasy to learn about, trust me. Join us for this all day deep dive about some of the most important ways to get more clients these days.

Friday, Nov 8 – Topics to be Discussed: how to hire your first assistant or build your team out if you already have one, what tasks to delegate and to whom and how, where to find good resources and vendors and then how to really develop out your business on a bigger scale with leveraged business models and more of them, bigger picture planning, adding in systems to manage leads, sales, follow up and online inquiries, pricing and program development, launch strategies, annual marketing planning and so much more on the organizational structure, backend and support side of your business, the part that’s going to make this a smooth-running, moneymaking business machine.

This week’s video is about YOUR GENIUS – what you do, what you charge and how you’re positioning yourself in the marketplace.

Many small business owners are NOT charging enough for whatever reason and are giving their most valuable services away for cheap or free. Stop doing that and learn how to value yourself in a way that makes sense for you and not salesy.Go watch it, I promise you’ll get inspired!


Oh and if you haven’t picked up my book yet…now is the time to do that if you want to work on anything that I talk about in this book such as:

  • charging what you’re worth
  • having faith in yourself to go after what you want
  • knowing you’re worth it and should get highly paid for it
  • want to stop sabotaging yourself to success

Click here to check it out, watch the video, etc. to learn more.