This year I plan on doing the opposite of what a lot of business owners are doing. I plan on simplifying my business. 

You see, a couple years ago I was trying to grow my business and a mentor told me to create this new product and this new program and this new service. And after a year or so of doing all of that and pretty much launching something new every other month or so, what do you think happened?

You’d think I would have made oodles and oodles more money, but sadly, that did not happen. The revenue came in small chunks and because I had so many different ways to buy or different ways to learn (i.e.: products, programs, services) my customers and prospects were confused and never knew which thing to sign up for so attendance in many of these new programs was not as high as I’d hoped.


Then what do you suppose happened? Yep, I got tired. Tired of working so hard to sell The Next Big Thing. Tired of constantly trying to reinvent a new thing that I thought people would want to buy.

When times were tough and the market was down, it seemed like this was the right thing to do; keep trying to find the thing that people would buy. But it wasn’t.

The best thing I could have done is to simplify what I offer.  Simplifying is my focus this year. 

I’m super clear on what I’m offering. how to buy it or sign up for it AND I don’t have to kill myself in the process. You see, what matters most to your prospects and customers is not that you have huge amounts of things to offer them but you have the “right” thing that they “need & want”. what is going to make them want to buy from you.

Here are a few tips on how to simplify in YOUR business:

  1. First off, figure out what your ideal clients and customers really want. Learn what matters most to them about what you offer rather than what you think they need or should buy. They will only invest in what they see they need and want, not necessarily what you think they need.
  1. Next, determine all the different ways you could offer those things to them. Could you develop a live workshop or virtual group training rather than deliver the information one-on-one? Could you design or develop a product, program or something that they could buy without any involvement of you at all after it’s completed? Figure out how your ideal client or customer wants the information, training or how they need your product delivered and make sure you offer it to them in their preferred manner, not necessarily the way you want to deliver it. I talk to prospects a lot initially about their learning styles and suggest products and services that I have to them based on how they want to learn or digest the information.
  2. Choose price points that are realistically in the range your ideal clients and customers would typically invest in with a little bit of stretching beyond that if you want so you have room to negotiate or offer special deals. Just make sure you also take a look at your overall product/program mix so that you do have some lower level offerings as well as some higher level offerings. If you desire to make a certain level in revenue this year then you want to make sure you have enough opportunity to sell enough things so crunch the numbers on what you’re selling verses how many you potentially think you could sell to make sure you can hit your goals.
  3. Finally, you won’t make anywhere near the amount of sales that you want if you don’t do enough marketing. Marketing is a huge term, it encompasses so many things and not all marketing strategies are good for all types of business owners so you do have to be careful which you embrace and implement. You want to give each strategy a fair trial period before you decide it doesn’t work but first you need to start out with a very smart, effective and consistent marketing plan. Your marketing could be simplified as well. There are so many ways to automate, systematize and delegate your lead generation, marketing and follow up tasks; this is something to really focus on if you want better results but you want to stop working so hard!

It’s not too late to simplify your business! You WILL gain almost instant focus and revenue. If you need help in simplifying your business products, services, or marketing then let’s schedule a complimentary strategy session and get some CLARITY! 

 Katrina Sawa

The JumpStart Your Biz Coach, Speaker &
Author of the book, Love Yourself Successful
“Kicking YOU and YOUR Business Into High Gear!”

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