Do you really know what you’re making per hour after all is said and done? 

I’ve worked with hundreds of women entrepreneurs who THINK they really know how much money they make. When we really break it down to all the time they’re spending before, during and after the sale, many times they’re shocked to see what that price tag really is.  Sometimes it’s even less than working in a fast food restaurant!

So I ask you:

  • How much money do you ACTUALLY  make per hour?  Is it above minimum wage?
  • Have you ever taken the time to ask yourself WHY you have you priced yourself (or your products and services) the way you have?
  • When was the last time you looked at your pricing to make sure that it matches up with the VALUE that you’re offering?

Regardless of what you’re doing or what business you’re in I can almost 99% guarantee that you’re NOT CHARGING ENOUGH!

How can I say that? Because I’ve seen it hundreds of times with hundreds of other entrepreneurs in all kinds of industries and types of businesses and frankly it’s a shame.  Too many people are scared into thinking that no one is going to buy from us right now (in this economy) or that people aren’t spending what they used to.

There are PLENTY OF PEOPLE who are willing to pay you what you’re (really) worth but there are some things that need to be put in place in your own life so that you can feel confident asking for and getting those higher rates.  You need to believe that you are worth it.   You need to be completely happy in your personal life too or you will only get to a certain level of revenues and then most likely get stuck.

Because I see so many entrepreneurs struggling with these issues right now, I recorded a new audio training about all of this.

On it, I share how you can:

  • Stop settling and actually take charge of what you want
  • Charge what you’re worth and get it
  • Uplevel yourself to the expert you’re destined to be
  • Have less stress and worry about having so much to do and being overwhelmed
  • Enjoy enhanced communication and relationship boundaries to live a life full of happiness and passion

I want you to have the business you LOVE, make the money you WANT, and enjoy the relationships you DESERVE.  

Go get access to a free call I did recently that will share with you my 5 Steps to Living a BIG Life and how that will help you make more money, charge what you’re worth, have a better personal life too in the process! Click here to get access to that recording now!


Katrina Sawa
The JumpStart Your Biz Coach, Speaker &
Author of the book, Love Yourself Successful
“Kicking YOU and YOUR Business Into High Gear!”

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