Today I want to talk to you about a topic I LOVE to help others with – it’s all about making some Fast Cash! And you CAN make FAST CASH for the Holidays and before the end of the year!

Some of you might be focusing solely on the Holidays and have already given up on making additional income before the end of the year. But some of you may be focusing on making more revenue BEFORE December 31st!  You want to serve more people, meet more of your goals, start STRONG in 2017!

make fast cash for the holidaysThe First Tip is simple – It’s Making Phone Calls

Yes, I know, I usually get  biggest resistance from my clients when I mention making Phone Calls! I’m not talking about Cold Calling. I’m talking about calling your Contacts, people you network with, existing Clients, those who follow you – People who Know, Like, & Trust you!  One strategy that you can implement right now is to call them and Ask for REFERRALS!!  But because so many people are busy right now, you should be prepared with a great detailed message if you get their voice mail.

Another Tip – Special Sales!

Did you received a ton of special sales email during the Thanksgiving holidays?  Did you want to have a special Cyber Monday sale but weren’t prepared enough to launch it?  You still have time to hold a special sale but you’ve got to get it together – NOW!   Just remember that people are busy with holiday shopping, mailings, school schedules, and the like –  so you’ll have to plan for a variety of marketing strategies to promote what you are selling to reach them.


Check out the video below for more detail about how YOU can make FAST CASH for the Holidays and before the New Year!

Making FAST Cash for the End of Year & Holidays!


free session If you need some help or pointers on making FAST CASH – I’m the person to talk to! I LOVE to help people with FAST CASH strategies. If this is something that interests you, why not Schedule a Planning Meeting with me. I’ll help you with scripts of what to say on the phone or to leave on voice mail, what to say in your emails and how to set up your email campaign series. We can still get you some FAST CASH, but you have to Take Action! Just go to and sign up with a session with me.

Even if you are not ready to focus on making FAST CASH this month and are more concerned with focusing on your results next month or for next year, this is still a great time to schedule a chat with me. Why?  Because I’ve opened up some additional coaching slots this month so now’s the time to start working to make more money or to start planning for next month, next quarter, next year!!!  Sign up here –>>




KS-LiveBigMastermind-HeaderAre you thinking about joining a Mastermind Group? If so, I highly encourage you to go to to see all of the benefits that membership in my mastermind group offers you!  You’ll find a sign up box on the page for you to schedule a time to talk with me so we can determine if this Mastermind Group would be a good fit for you.  And, there’s NO OBLIGATION just to have a chat with me, REALLY!


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Talk to you Soon! 



Katrina Sawa

The Jumpstart Your Biz Coach, Speaker &

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“Kicking YOU and YOUR Business Into High Gear Making a LOT More MONEY Doing What
You LOVE!”

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Holding your own virtual training programs, webinars, paid tele-seminars, or other type of leveraged offering in your business is a very good idea.

HOWEVER many entrepreneurs design and market these types of things not necessarily in the right way (meaning the way where you’ll make a lot more money).

Trying to figure out what to do and how to do it all on your own frankly however will take a LOT LONGER than if you just come learn what you need to know about certain things in your:

– lead generation
– marketing
– follow up and
– sales processes (or what to sell even like in this case)

You want to learn how to automate, delegate and systematize more in your small business….yes, even if you’re just starting out. When you get really busy then it’s a little too late right? You’re too busy to stop and implement this stuff. Then it really costs you more because you need to hire more help.

In this video tip today I share about how to automate the marketing of your virtual program, service or offering (plus tips on what to create!).

This is a very important system if you want to see cash flow from this type of thing, trust me, there are a LOT of mistakes you could make!

Click the video image to watch now.


I have all sorts of affordable training webinars, audios and products that can help you with certain aspects of your business such as this. Go grab one today and get started implementing them now at or sign up to do a special 2 hour planning meeting RIGHT NOW with me (limited time and # of people available) here:  (this is 80% OFF)


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I know there’s a LOT of options but it’s time to make a decision now and let’s jumpstart your business!

Talk to you soon!



Katrina Sawa  
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P.S. There are a TON of events happening in Sept and Oct – I would urge you to jump over to my Events page and see where you can catch me in the next month or so in person, speaking or in attendance! 



“Before I met Kat, I knew bits and pieces about social media, websites, shopping carts, etc.Although, I am technologically capable and learn fast, I was extremely overwhelmed and didn’t know what to do and where to start. After I started coaching with Kat, it got much easier. I realized that because I didn’t know the ins and outs I was afraid to make a fatal mistake. I also didn’t know how they link together, which is for what, how often is too little, or too much, etc. Kat put it all in perspective for me. And, through her coaching, she told me how and when to use which tool, how to make sure they are all coherent, and have a plan to be consistent. There is much more to learn and that what is good about it, Kat is on top of it and shares what she learns. ~ Sonia Shafazand, Life Coach with


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