One of the biggest things I see that keeps entrepreneurs from succeeding more in business, getting more clients and creating a more leveraged business is…. not having enough faith in yourself.

  • Faith that “it will all work out in the end”.
  • Faith that “no matter how bad it is right now for you in your business, no one’s going to die”.
  • Faith that you “are meant to do this and you are smart and will make it through”.

Are you “All In” in your business?

Or do you have one foot or a big toe in something else, maybe your past, or an old career…  because you don’t quite believe 100% that it will all work out for you with this business?

This is a good indication of whether you have 100% faith in yourself or not you know. That little big toe can cause a lot of damage to your success if it’s lingering out there somewhere in something you believe could be your “Plan B”.

I don’t believe in Plan Bs.

There’s nothing wrong with “knowing we CAN” get another job because we’re smart. But to think about it or have it in your Plan B just in case this business thing doesn’t work out is NOT a good way to think in my opinion. 

That little unconscious thought can cause big havok on your motivation level, determination and your ability to get UNCOMFORTABLE.

You want to start paying attention to your personal life and your relationships too and avoid the toxic people in your life that are holding you back.

Ready to stop settling?

Ready to stop tolerating things, situations and people in your life that are not 100% positive and hold you back mentally?

I recorded a quick video all about this, it’s more like a PERSONAL SHARE though than a ‘business tip’. I share things in it that I don’t share out there to the world often at all in hopes that it will inspire you to think more about your situations and have more complete faith in yourself and your abilities. See below for the Video Tip of the Week!

Watch today’s video for a lot of my stories on how I’ve managed to keep it together and continue having faith regardless of a divorce, big breakup, bankruptcy, and so many other life setbacks along the way.


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Here’s to creating and enjoying your happiest life ever!

katrina sawa

Katrina Sawa

The Jumpstart Your Biz Coach, Speaker &

Author of the book, Love Yourself Successful


“Showing You HOW to Make a LOT More Money Doing What You Love!”


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Have you ever wondered how your Love Relationships and the Support from the people in your life can help you be more successful in your business?

One thing I’ve learned through the years of being in my business is how important it is to Love Yourself, but also to have the love and support from your significant other.  It’s so important to be in a loving relationship to help you thrive in your personal life and be more successful in your business. I don’t think I would have been able to consistently make 6-figures in my business if I didn’t have the love and support that I do.

Becky Sampson, Self – Development Speaker and Coach, joined me in this discussion because we found we both have valuable advice around the topic of Love and Relationships.

Becky formally suffered from a Binge disorder but she overcame her obesity and health problems about 9 years ago and has learned to stay healthy. Becky shared that many of her problems stemmed from low self-esteem and shared her unique perspective of having relationships with men while being overweight and unhealthy as well as how she is now, healthier and 130 lbs. slimmer.

We shared about our behavior – HOW we were and WHO we were before when we were in our unhealthy relationships. And a big part of the problem was because we created some of the problems.  We found that we were somewhat emasculating.  It’s hard to be take charge business owner one moment, then turn that switch off to be the feminine and flirty woman the next moment.  I realized that I wasn’t as kind as I should have been with my husband.  I started to be introspective and asked myself the questions – “What is wrong with me? What am I doing wrong in my relationships?”

That’s when I really dove into learning as much as I could about myself and relationships by attending relationship courses and workshops and investing in relationship coaching and consulting.  It mattered so much to me that I was willing to invest in myself, as well as my business. I was all in to find THE right man to love and appreciate me, to be supportive of what I was doing in my business, to be my cheerleader when I needed one.  And I found him!

Becky shared that her relationship problems stemmed from her unhealthy feelings and thoughts about herself. She didn’t love who she was in her previous relationship and she became judgmental towards her spouse. She was projecting her anger and disappointment in herself toward her spouse which wasn’t fair to him.

We both agree that if you are experiencing similar issues in your relationships; if you are struggling in your relationships, you should start investing in yourself to get the tools and resources to learn how to improve your relationships.

As I stated in the video, when I was trying to be more successful in my business, one of my coaches advised me to just be “love”. I was resistant to “being” because I was more interested in “doing”.  But I eventually let go of the resistance and at the end of that year, I found that I had made 6-figures in my business. This illustrates the reason why you’ll hear me say in many ways that “Love and Money go hand in hand.”

Click the video to learn more about “Getting Personal Around Love and Relationships

Are you ready to get more Love in your Life? You’ll find that you will become a happier person and, if you are like me, you’ll find a higher level of success in your business!

Talk to you Again, Soon!

xoxo Katrina

Here’s to Creating A More Successful Business!



Katrina Sawa

The Jumpstart Your Biz Coach, Speaker &

Author of the book, Love Yourself Successful


“Showing You HOW to Make a LOT More Money Doing What You Love!”

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I’ve been throwing a lot of strategies at you lately on how to do certain types of marketing, marketing, marketing so I thought I’d change it up a bit this week. I’ll get back to more build-your-biz type of videos and articles next week but the topic I’m sharing today is very important also in building a successful business – trust me on this! Try to hang in and read the whole thing today because you may be surprised…


Just in the last couple weeks I’ve been talking to dozens of women who are not happy in their personal lives, their love life or have some beliefs about themselves they know need to change in order to be totally happy and confident.


One thing I don’t necessarily teach on is how to change your limiting beliefs….there’s a lot to that subject and many ways to alter or squash your limiting beliefs. I can recognize them in almost any client of course as they are probably the thing that’s stopping you from…


  • Getting your marketing done
  • Doing more on social media
  • Writing more content
  • Recording more (or any) videos
  • Speaking more
  • Doing your follow up calls
  • Redesigning your website and brand
  • Getting a new headshot
  • Raising your rates
  • And so many other things that would help you jumpstart your business!


So, if you think you could benefit from altering slightly or completely squashing some of those limiting beliefs you may have then I can recommend a couple clients who focus purely on this area.


Where I can help you is in your personal life…in addition to advising you what to do and how to do it in your business and marketing, I work with many clients with creating a happier environment for themselves so you CAN do all the above mentioned action items with more confidence and ease (revenue producing activities mind you that you want to be doing).


Clarity and Confidence are two very critical components to having a successful and profitable business. Some things that hold us back from being 100% at both of these is “other people”. It could be a close friend, family member or loved one who doesn’t “get” what you do or you’re trying to do with your own business.


  • They don’t “get that you have such passion for something that you’re willing to not take in a paycheck for a while, while you build the business of your dreams”.
  • They may not “get why” you want to invest in yourself, training, a mentor, books, CDs, workshops and a new website and they may say things that sound hurtful to you yet they believe they’re “helping”.
  • They say or do things that squash your own belief in yourself, make you doubt yourself or worse yet, forbid you to move forward in some way.


This is why I have most of my clients “evaluate” their own relationships when I find a little lack of confidence or clarity or lack of drive too. Often times we find one or two people who “just don’t get them” who are influencing them in some negative way for the entrepreneur, yet they think they’re doing it because they love you.



So one thing I’m REALLY GOOD AT is helping you communicate your needs, visions, passions and purpose with your loved ones (or significant other if it’s them) so they start to really “get you” more and what you need from them (if anything), to help you communicate better with them and manage your energy when around them.


I know this first hand because my ex-husband didn’t “get me” when I first started up my business either. We were married when I started it after quitting my last job outright and telling him I was just going to start my own business. He was fearful that I wouldn’t bring in a steady paycheck anymore and was always saying things to me, little digs, that hurt very much and didn’t encourage me at all. In fact, I would go out networking during the day with a big smile on my face saying everything was ok and then I cried myself to sleep many nights because I felt like I wasn’t loved and supported.


I ended up divorcing him after eight years in marriage but just two years of trying to make him understand how I’d changed and what I really wanted to do and be now but he didn’t have any interest in knowing what it was that I did or in understanding me at that point at all.


I just don’t want anyone I know or any of you who are reading this to be in this or a similar situation at all. It hurts not to be supported for what you really want to do or be. I wasn’t willing to settle any longer being with a man who made me feel that way and I hope you aren’t either.


I also had a father who I rarely saw mind you, but when I did he would find something wrong with me. He would tell me first how proud he was of me doing my own business and making a decent living at it (since I never asked him for money he assumed I was doing ok, although he did always ask) but then he would find something like my weight or my crooked teeth to comment on and asked “why haven’t you fixed that yet?”.


I’m getting a little vulnerable with you here because apparently there are hundreds of you if not thousands of you out there hiding with these types of people in your life. And you’re trying to build a successful business around something you’re very passionate about yet you can’t understand why it’s really not taking off yet or why you’re not as successful as you wish you were or why you keep working so hard at it and you’re going no where fast.


It very well could be because of something going on with you personally. You may not even see it just yet but it could be there. I would love to help you identify if or what is keeping you stuck in your business and how to get through it so you can finally take charge of your life and design the business of your dreams!


I have a video that I recorded this week (my hair isn’t that great in it but I had to sit and record it the day it came to me) that I’d love for you to watch, it’s not that long.


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And if you’re single and don’t have that special someone yet, then it will help you identify who WILL BE the perfect partner for you, what you really want and need in a relationship so that you’re completely supported as an entrepreneur too.  (Plus a few of my online dating tips!!)


Here is the page again to watch the video:


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Here’s to creating and enjoying your happiest life ever with a business doing what you love!


Katrina Sawa

The JumpStart Your Biz Coach, Speaker &

Author of the book, Love Yourself Successful


“Kicking YOU and YOUR Business Into High Gear!”

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One thing I see that is pretty common with the women business owners that I work with is that they don’t always feed their own needs and desires first. I believe this is hurting your business if this is you.

The key is to connect more with yourself and your needs so that you can be your best self in your business and attract more clients. It works if you dedicate time to working on yourself.

I’ve been guilty of this too at times, no one is perfect. But these days I’m relatively aware of watching out for this on a weekly basis and I urge you to be as well. Let me give you some examples of what I want and need to fill my tanks and then I want you to think about what you need or want to fill yours.

First of all, I did this exercise one time at a self-development workshop where we were focused on learning more about what men think (this was when I was single and looking).

It made me realize the four tanks I had to fill each day and what things I could do to fill them. It’s hard to explain in a short article like this but these tanks involved basically characteristics or values that I held high (mine are Love, Faith, Passion and Happiness). There was a pretty involved process I went through to discover these, they didn’t just come to me. In fact, it was curious to me that none of them involved making money or having wealth?

I’m the type of person though that really requires eight hours sleep every night in order to be my fully, loving and focused self. I also require creativity time during my day, not every day but most days. Time in which I can record a video training or tip, express myself on an interview or teleclass, write an article or think up new ideas and implement them. I also require time with my immediate family and loved ones, specifically my fiancé who is my best friend and fun to talk to. All of these things make me happy and feed my soul so that I’m more motivated to do what I love every day and get up taking inspired action.

I don’t think that’s too much to ask for frankly, do you?

What do you want or need to really be YOUR BEST SELF?

Areas to Consider When Connecting With Yourself:

  • Self worth / Confidence
  • Self Care / Health
  • Relationships / Friendships
  • Environment / Surroundings / Home
  • Love / Passion / Purpose
  • Faith / Spirituality
  • Values / Must Haves

Don’t undervalue what you really need, list out what’s important to you and what would FEED you and your soul, your passion, your purpose more, etc. What tanks do you think you need to fill? What activities will help you fill them?

Then go to your calendar and figure out how to fit it all in – seriously go do this now or you never will.

To find out more about that exercise to discover YOUR FOUR TANKS and for other support around working through this stuff, check out my 3 part Training that I did around the topic of my book, Love Yourself Successful, A Woman’s Step-by-Step Guide to Taking Charge of Your Life and Designing the Business of Your Dreams at Oh there are a TON of free bonuses on this page right now…I recently did an interview where I offered this training plus bonuses for just $97 so I’m posting this today so you can have access to this deal too – limited time though!

Talk to you soon,

Katrina Sawa

The JumpStart Your Biz Coach, Speaker &

Author of the book, Love Yourself Successful


“Kicking YOU and YOUR Business Into High Gear!”


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