Join Katrina as she hosts Janis Pettit on this informative webinar: Sales Success Secrets Wednesday, February 12th at 1:00 pm (Pacific).

Here’s an interesting story from my colleague and friend Janis Pettit. I must say it’s simillar to my story…..

“When I created my first products and programs I really wasn’t sure how to sell them online.

My list was small and I didn’t generate many sales via e-mail. I was frustrated!  Then I discovered the power of education-based marketing.

I started doing free tele-classes and at first had only a handful of participants. Then I asked joint venture partners to promote these classes and slowly participation and sales grew.

Suddenly I was creating passive and recurring income instead of just selling my time. Wow!That was some years ago. Now I use webinars and they are without doubt 10X more powerful. In fact webinars generate 5-figures in sales each and every month,  and my online community is happy because the webinars are full, stand alone trainings–even if someone doesn’t buy right away.

And they attract new high level coaching clients to me!  It’s a total win-win.”  — Janis Pettit

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