Today’s video tip is about Creating Better Converting Sales Conversations.

It’s a task that as an entrepreneur, some aren’t always that strong with….sales conversations.

If you struggle with how to either get more people to sales conversations with you or having them say YES to you, then check out today’s video tip.

These 5 keys will help you tremendously when talking with prospects whether it’s on the phone, in person or via email or online.

1. Connect & Build More Rapport
2. Ask Questions, Listen & Don’t Preach
3. Don’t Share Your Pricing Too Soon
4. Remain Indifferent
5.. Offer “This or That”

Listen in to hear me explain all this more!

Click on the video below to hear more –>

Video Biz Tip: 5 Keys for Better Converting Sales Conversations


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Speaking in front of an audience is often intimidating or scary. Some of us are more comfortable with it than others.

Selling from the stage or in front of a room to a group is a different story though. You may be comfortable speaking and giving great content but are you making an offer or leading the audience to buy something or take an action of any kind?

Often times we don’t do these things during our talks because we aren’t allowed to of course depending on the venue and type of event. But other times we are allowed to sell but still don’t or we just don’t do a very good job at it for one reason or another.

Typically people who try to sell from the stage but aren’t quite sure what to do will:

  • Fumble over the closing not knowing how to incorporate what they’re selling into what they spoke about.
  • Not leave enough time at the end, not having practiced their talk to make sure they had time to close at the end effectively.
  • Just mention the thing they wanted to sell but not really encourage or ask the audience to take action and come to the back of the room to sign up now.
  • Or they’ll do all of the above. You’ve seen it happen I’m sure even if you haven’t done it before….

Here are 3 super easy sales strategies that you can use in your next presentation that don’t even sound or look that salesy to do:

  1. Seeding: This means to weave in wording around what it is you’re going to sell throughout your talk so they know it’s something that you do have to offer.
  2. Telling: Tell people up front that you’ll give them as much as you can around the topic today but then you’ll share more on how they can take it farther at the end of your talk. This way they expect you to share an offer with them.
  3. Storytelling: Share stories of clients and their successes or results throughout your talk too, preferably to enhance your points that you’re discussing. Make sure to share not just a customer testimonial but share their problem, why they came to you, briefly what you did with them and then what the result was that the client achieved from doing that.

Hopefully this gives you some ideas to incorporate into your own presentations and makes it more comfortable for you to make an offer. There are a lot more ways to enhance your presentations of course for better deliverability, better results and more engagement with your audience, but this will get you started.

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