Free Live Event to Maximize Your Sales 

Tuesday, March 26 all day in Sacramento, CA with my friend Eric Lofholm, Master Sales Trainer 

The rules of business have changed. Have you adapted? 

Or are you struggling to make the changes you need to survive and thrive in this economy. 
Have you been affected by the economy? Could you benefit from discovering the cutting edge ideas that are working in business today? 

Is your list of leads dwindling (or non-existent!) as you struggle to find the next sale, and the next and the next? Could your lead generation system use a good boost? 

The truth is business has changed over the last 12 months. We must all improve to keep up with the rapid change we have experienced. Don’t get left behind. Join my friend Eric for cutting edge sales training. I will be there too with a brief presentation on follow up and so will two more of my friends. It’s going to be a very content-rich training. 

Register now for an opportunity to learn powerful skills and techniques to break through your fears and capitalize on your opportunities. 

Stop spinning your wheels and come join us for this FREE Event! 

If you can’t make this live event or you don’t currently live in or near the Sacramento, CA area, then check out Eric’s FREE VIDEO on How to Close More Sales and start learning more there! CLICK HERE.
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