If Only My Dog Could Talk

Do you have a dog? A cat? Do you wish they could talk and/or understand you when you did?

Welcome to my world this last week….

We have this very loveable, wonderful dog, our pet sitters call her “Sweet Willow” and they rarely want to give her back.

But, Willow has HIGH ANXIETY. No matter what we try, she can’t seem to stop being scared of stuff like loud noises, the whole house fan, vacumn (no surprise there I know), fireworks terrify her and even when one of us raises our voices (even if it’s just out of excitement) – she runs and hides in my clothes closet (that’s her safe space).

We’ve tried a lot of things to calm her down in these instances and we’ve had her 5 years now, you’d think she’d calm down, but no.

I just wish she could talk and we could tell her – it’s all going to be ok, the fireworks will be over soon, nothing is going to hurt you…. you know?

It literally breaks my heart to see her sulk away… and it happens every single day about something.

So Jason started doing this CBD oil business recently and we’ve been giving her some of the CBD dog treats but not a lot has changed. It seems better when we do give her the drops however so we’ll see…

Any other suggestions from anyone out there?  Please leave your tips in the Comments below.

Want info about Jason’s CBD oil biz? It’s called Hempworx and I helped him build a little website for himself this past week at my Jumpstart Your Biz Online Workshop – click here to check it out!

katrina sawa

Katrina Sawa

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