Why do you want to use more freebies and gifts in your marketing?

Because typically it will…

  • Attract new prospects to your list or your website
  • Get prospects interacting with your content, your website, yourself so they can trust and connect with you faster
  • Allow them to experience you on a deeper level to decide if they want to buy from you or take the next step

Here are a few examples of WHAT you could create:

  1. Free Report – talk about or teach the top 3 tips on something, 3 keys, 5 biggest mistakes, anything how-to oriented, all of them are good.
  2. Free Audio – like the one on this page, notice that I am giving you access to a free audio training I did a few years ago and you can do this too. RECORD EVERYTHING YOU DO! You never know when you can use it again, gift it or bonus it in a package. Same types of topics as above.
  3. Free Video or Video Series – Same as above but do it via video. Get yourself on camera to really connect deeper with the audience and your followers, video will make the biggest impact because they can see you. You can use a combination of powerpoint slides, photos, flip charts, music if you want, testimonials and of course yourself; I do recommend putting YOU on the video though for sure at some point.
  4. Free Drawing – for some of my clients such as photographers, salons and spas, network marketers and a few other types of businesses you could run a drawing each month only for new subscribers to your newsletter. They can have the chance to win a gift certificate, free product, special package of some sort or cash even. But make sure it’s NOT just the chance to get a discount on whatever it is that you’re selling, that’s not a “freebie”.
  5. Free Service – for my salon and spa clients often times we offer a free facial or free massage. If you’re in charge of booking the business and providing the service this works, if not and you have your stations rented of course this won’t work unless each therapist or stylist agrees. You just pick one winner each month from new subscribers.

I recorded this call a few years ago and it was part of a training I did to paying clients in one of my previous membership programs. So it’s in depth training content, not just a fluffy teleclass audio where I go into much more detail about all of these ideas and so much more!

—–>>>> Give Me Access to the Free Audio Training Now:  10 Ways to Convert New Prospects Using Freebies 

I wanted to offer this to anyone who is having trouble getting people to initially opt into their website or who needs to attract more people from in person events onto their list.

Freebies allow you to have something to give a new potential prospect so they can experience you another way – either usually in written form, audio or now video is becoming a very popular way to develop a freebie. You can also have a great next step in that free gift that could be paid or somehow will get them to engage further with you if they want to know more.

Most entrepreneurs need more than one freebie or free gift.

You may need many different ways and things you can offer or give to attract different types of prospects, talk about different topics or things they’re looking for and/or give them different ways to experience you – hence the audio, video or report. Some people want to read more, some want to watch, some want to listen. You do want to give people options or you’ll steer away those who aren’t interested in the ONE way you’ve given them.

In this audio I walk through 10 different ways to convert prospects using freebies in your marketing and your business. I also talk about what you could offer as a freebie, I give some examples that could give you ideas. (Oh and by the way….this blog post/audio an example of how to give a freebie!)

Here is the page to go to get free access to this audio training (you will be opting into my emails and newsletters too by the way, but I send a ton of great articles and videos to help you jumpstart your business in many ways, you’ll want this)…

—–>>>> Give Me Access to the Free Audio Training Now:  10 Ways to Convert New Prospects Using Freebies

In addition, this is one thing that I also work a lot with almost every single client who goes through any of my programs, live events or 1on1 coaching. I look at your website very carefully when we talk to find the holes and opportunities not only on your site and how to fix it to be more engaging and conversion friendly but we look at holes and opportunities throughout your entire business, your products/services, pricing, marketing, systems, team and so much more.

I would love to have a conversation with anyone reading this or listening to this freebie audio who knows you have holes and opportunities to fix and take advantage of in your business.

This is for you if you know there’s things missing in your marketing or you have no time to do anything about it and need to know the most efficient systems, processes and strategies to add, tweak, change or implement so that you can create a smoother-running, more profitable business for yourself doing what you love.

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I look forward to helping you jumpstart your business and your life this year!

Katrina Sawa

The JumpStart Your Biz Coach, Speaker &

Author of the book, Love Yourself Successful



“Kicking YOU and YOUR Business Into High Gear!”


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