Hey East Coast Fans – It’s your LAST CHANCE to come to these fabulous Events where I’ll be speaking.

I’m getting ready for a whirlwind tour of the East Coast next week to help business owners and entrepreneurs learn how to make more money while enjoying the lifestyle they have been yearning for!  If this describes you or someone you know,  take a look at all of these offerings and sign up or share them with a business owner on the East Coast who could benefit from attending.

eWomenNetwork Accelerated Networking Luncheon Event

This event will be held at the Sheraton Edison Hotel Raritan Center – Edison, New Jersey Tuesday, May 17th from 11:30a.m. – 2:00 p.m. ET

eWN150dpiI love eWomenNetwork and I am a member because it is one of the largest women’s business networking organizations in the country! I highly recommend your attending this event if you’re in the NJ area or can plan to travel there. I’ll be speaking about the Power of Follow-up! By now you’ve learned, (because I’m always advising you of the benefits) that I’m the Queen of Networking and Follow-up. Come to this event and you’ll learn to stop doing the things that AREN’T BRINGING IN THE BUCKS and you’ll learn what tasks you should be spending time on instead. I’m going to tell you my secrets about:

  • The easiest, quickest ways to build an effective follow up system
  • How to delegate and automate the majority of it so it all gets done
  • Why to focus more on your follow up.

I’m looking forward to seeing you there and you’ll get a lot of information to help you get on the RIGHT TRACK to see more ROI on your networking efforts. Click here for registration details for the May 17th eWomenNetwork Luncheon Event LAST MINUTE RSVP CONTACT GLORIA DIRECT FOR MEMBER PRICING.

If you are planning to attend the eWomenNetwork Event on May 17th, why not join me the following day, May 18th at my:

Fast Cash & Mindset Alignment One Day Intensive

Edison, NJ on Wednesday, May 18th

NJ-Live-Event-BanerI’m thrilled to be able to bring this Event to the East Coast. This is a BRAND NEW TRAINING that I’m doing with one of my friends in NY, Sandra Fidelis. There’s so much you can learn in only ONE DAY that can make the difference in your business for the rest of the year and for years to come. I’m sharing my best secrets on how to craft those on-the-spot, juicy offers that clients and potential clients will jump on. These are the offers that will bring you a consistent cash injection to your business. For any of you who have experienced fear and anxiety about having gaps in your income – THIS IS THE EVENT YOU CAN’T MISS!

Hey, I’ve been where you are in the very beginning of my business and I learned what to focus on and what to let go of. I know that it’s great being your own boss but when it comes to your income, if you’re not consistently making money in your business, you’ll soon go out of business.

At this Event, I’m going to share with you the exact formula I use for creating “fast-cash strategies” and “easy yes” offers that infuse cash into your business so you can get paid EVERY time you go to a networking event or speak anywhere!

I’m sharing the fast cash and money making strategies and Sandra will check your mindset so you can leave with a whole new outlook and a ROADMAP TO GETTING CLIENTS to JumpStart Your Business!  You’ll learn how to identify your limiting money paradigm at its root so you can clear it and making the income you desire, live more freely and enjoy life more. Who doesn’t want that?

Join me and an intimate group of highly motivated business owners and you’ll walk away with CONFIDENCE knowing that you can create offers that bring steady income into your business. You’ll learn that you CAN make it through client droughts because you’ll be armed with a strategy to make money in your business NO MATTER WHAT!

Get clarity in your plans to make the money you want and need to support the lifestyle you truly want to live! We have a full day planned for you that is jam-packed with the tools you’ll need to make your business successful and more profitable. Use the 400OFF promo code to get in for $97, which includes lunch and all day working on your business! Click here for more details and to REGISTER NOW!  Or go to my site at LiveBigEvents.com/new-jersey to register!

I’m rounding out the week on May 21 -22nd at

1Life Fully Lived Conference East Coast – “Lift Your Life”

West Chester University, Philadelphia PA

1LifeFullyLived May 2016I’m one of the Featured Speakers at what will be an incredible two day event that will change your life with phenomenal speakers, inspiration, training and networking. Their conferences are centered on helping you and your loved ones “Dream, Plan and LIVE” your best life!

At this event, you will:

    • Develop a renewed SENSE OF PURPOSE and COMMITMENT to your life
    • Create a written PLAN OF ACTION with items you can implement immediately
    • LEARN, GROW and CONNECT with the 1Life Fully Lived Community
    • Find an accountability partner(s) to help KEEP YOU ON TRACK

Get more info about this conference by clicking here!

So join me for one or all three of these fabulous Events!


Have a Great Week!


Katrina Sawa

The JumpStart Your Biz Coach



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