Have you ever experienced Overwhelm? Oh, come on…it’s time for true confessions. Everyone has experienced overwhelm at least once in their life. I have too! So, you will learn tips from me in this video about why you should get out of Overwhelm.

Are you just too busy for your own good? Are you having trouble paying attention to the things you should be focusing on?  I’m busy too, and I try to make time for the right things. But I will confess there are some things I’m not making time for…and I should be!

When we are too busy to pay attention to some things, we say, “I just don’t have enough time”, right?

It’s not that we don’t have enough time, it’s that we are not making the time for the things we should be doing or the things that are important to us.

How many things in your life are other people are handling for you because you are too busy?  Are these things you should be handling, things you want to do or experience for yourself?

The goal is not to be busier in your business. The goal is to have more FREEDOM in our life!

The key is to design your BUSINESS around your LIFE, not the other way around. There are different things you should be doing depending on the stage your business is in.  I can tell you about many strategies you should focus on depending on where you are in your business.  There are many people out there who just don’t know where they should be spending their time.

I want you to make a lot of MONEY to fund your lifestyle but to also have the FREEDOM to enjoy your lifestyle and the people in your life.

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One of the main things that stops a lot of entrepreneurs from moving forward in their business or holds them back from reaching the 6-figure mark is being in overwhelm.

Overwhelm can cripple a business owner. It sometimes gets so bad you may do nothing at all! And that’s not going to help you make more money or get more clients….you want to stay in constant action to see the best results. BUT those actions should be very strategic, planned and targeted to what you need to do to start, grow or market your business.

Many small business owners focus on the wrong things first in their business therefore sometimes filling their schedule with unnecessary tasks rather than revenue generating tasks.

So how can you overcome overwhelm?

Here are 3 ways that could help you get out of overwhelm faster or help you become more focused in the first place.

1:  Clear Space:  One of the first things I do sometimes with clients who are in overwhelm when they come to me is figure out where they’re spending time every week in their life and their business. This is one activity you can do to evaluate if you are spending your valuable time on unnecessary tasks or actual revenue generating actions. Keep track of ALL your activities for 7 full days, whether you’re working or not. Write them all down, everything you do plus how much time you’re spending on each task. Yes, down to doing the laundry and especially time on social media and email. Try to determine if you are doing things that will lead to a sale or talking with a prospect one way or another. If not, take note. After that week, review what you’ve been spending time doing and think of how you can shift time spent.

2:  Hire Team:  For many small business owners who are in the first 3-5 years of first starting your business you typically don’t believe you can afford to hire anyone just yet; usually because you’re still not making the amount of money that YOU want to make. But if you think differently about this; that by hiring one or two people to help you get more revenue generating activities done every month you could actually be in a place to talk with and sell more prospects into your programs, products and services. If you already have the beginning of a team, then evaluate your team. Are they doing the right things? Are you delegating the right tasks? What else is missing? More Marketing, more follow up, more connecting online, more touches with your database, more phone calls? These are the main revenue generating tasks that a team could be doing for you so you can reach more people every month.

3:  Evaluate Options: This is the most important of all. As entrepreneurs we typically have no shortage of ideas. Ideas though, sometimes are what overwhelms us. We want to develop this new product, that new program, send this email, hold a special sale, plan a big event or write that book. I could go on and on of course as these are all ideas I’ve had as well. Then there’s the outside influencers who give us more ideas and share things we “should be” doing in our business or our marketing. Just be careful who you listen to and how you prioritize what you do and keep a list or journal of ALL your ideas for the future. You don’t want to implement them all at once and there are certain things you want to do depending on how long you’ve been in business so also be careful about doing which things too early on in your business or you may not see the results from them that you want.

Hopefully that helps you with a few ways to get out of the overwhelm you could be in. Take it slow and get help if you need it. This is why having a strategic business coach can really help you; we don’t let you go crazy implementing the wrong things first, we help you get focused.

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