Hi, it’s Katrina Sawa here with a few things to share for fun and more!

Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 12.10.34 PMI did my first BLAB today! OMG it’s so fun!

Not sure what a Blab is?

It’s a video interview style chat thing online.

Here’s my Blab page, profile and recording link to the blab today where we talked about:  love and money, toxic people, websites, pricing and packages for services, networking and so much more!

Subscribe to my blab channel for updates on the next one here:  https://blab.im/katrinasawa

It was my very first time and besides a little trouble getting my sound to work it went awesome! Any of you can do this I promise you!

love and money club logoIf you’re interested in some resources to help you get more LOVE in your life and MONEY in your business (the topic of my blab chat)…. I have all sorts of affordable training webinars, audios and products that can help you with certain aspects of your business AND LIFE such as this. Many of them are inside my NEW Love & Money Club – there is a free or a paid level of membership – go check it out!


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